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  1. Tears or not, as you say this is what the fans have been asking for. We can't change the past, just hope they learn from it and this appointment goes a good way to show they have. If the club have 'nothing to hide' with injuries and transfers and NP commits longer term, no guarantees but it could be very exciting.
  2. Decent interview - no new gems of inside info - mainly what we know already. SL perhaps trying to silence the ghost of his last talk sport interview. As pointed out, interesting that MA is very quiet at the moment - Lansdown very much continuing to take the lead this time.
  3. It could well have come from Pearson's side - agent perhaps, leaking to one or two chosen journalists and it goes from there.
  4. Surely Pearson wouldn’t agree to working with anyone other than his own coaches? He can’t be that desperate for work!
  5. Reading about the possibility of Pearson is like stepping in a hot shower after being in the artic for 6 weeks. Would be superb for us right now.
  6. I'm trying to work out which mug SL is: 1) Still interfering with footballing side and making the same mistakes time and again. 2) Not able to see or admit that the people he's employed to run the club on a day to day basis have overseen spiralling problems in so many departments of the club. 3) He'd started believing his own and MA's hype that he's taken his eye off the ball so badly that his aforementioned employees have created such a rot he didn't even see it coming. Either-way, Mr Lansdown, you look like a bit of a mug right now. SORT IT OUT.
  7. This is the elephant in the room when it comes to SL's academy and pathway plans. It's great to blood the youngsters, but only if they're good enough. IMO - the players we've seen are no-where near consistent enough for the top of the championship yet. I'll also say what i've already said this season - I think it's a misnomer that Holden was giving youth players chances by choice. Semenyo, Bakinson, HNM, Vyner, Moore etc I feel only got quite so many of the minutes they did because of the players missing. Vyner/Moore = Baker/Mawson. Bakinson = Williams/Walsh/Brunt. Semenyo/Bell/Edwards = Walsh/Weimann/Pato/COD. The fact is our average squad age has gone up and is one of the higher in the division now too. I'm confident that had we had a fit squad, we'd have seen so much less of them and we wouldn't have seen Towler, Bell and Edwards at all. For months U23's warmed the bench getting no minutes. That being said, Brownhill, Bryan, Kelly, all took a little time to develop. This isn't me writing anyone off though - but turning to these guys to get us out the mess is not a recipe for success.
  8. Is Kalas the best captain we've had, no. Is Kalas as good a captain as Henderson, no. But I think people have become overly fixated on Kalas' leadership, pinning opinions on what you can't really see or tell from 90 minutes of robins TV. For me, Kalas, despite not being the best captain ever, is probably the, if not the best player we have, our MVP, our most professional and consistent player on the pitch. Frankly when it comes to choosing a captain, there is no one else better and available in our current squad IMO. There are plenty of horses to flog, Kalas isn't one for me.
  9. Hopefully where we go from here is to a much more experienced, qualified and capable coach - that will go along way to start fixing some issues on, and hopefully off the pitch.
  10. The problem these days are players are expensive assets and often hold the cards - this kind of thing rarely happens because of that. I think that kind of treatment is more likely to make other players down tools rather than buck up (unless said player did something particularly wrong) - fact is players know, they're often on 3 year plus contracts and they will probably average 2/3 managers at every club they play for. In some cases, the problem with disgruntled players comes from the top - r.e contracts. Not much any coach can do about that.
  11. Absolutely Dave. The idea of shouting and balling/rocket up the arse/hair dryer treatment/senior players slapping people around - 20 years out of date.
  12. I don't subscribe to the theory that they need some sort of old school boot camp manager. You can also achieve it by challenging them to be their best through coaching, standards and expectations - and to have a tactical and coaching platform from which they can go out on the pitch, knowing roles, trusting the system and each other....and then they've got a chance of performing at their best. You can do all the cuddling or shouting you want - but it won't help if they don't know what they're doing - see vs Reading where the extra 'effort' was to give away a ridiculous number of fouls.
  13. You know how he mentioned reading shit on social media...... Guess you missed the fact Kalas makes the most blocks and clearances of any of our players? I guess you also missed him laying into the midfield against Reading? I guess you missed the fact that he has been going round the changing room talking to players? Yes the players need to take more responsibility - but Kalas is not one of the problems.
  14. The more that comes out the club, the worse it gets! He just wants out, doesn't he. Don't particularly blame him, now in the firing line and getting pelters. Complete lack of communication from top to bottom. Oh and the club played Edwards in a behind doors u23 which made his injury worse...add him to the list of mis-managed injuries.
  15. Steve - quick question - anyone phoned Mark Ashton recently to ask how he does things? Yeah, thought not.
  16. Kalas’ interview. That’s why he walks off the pitch at the end of the games. Not because he doesn’t care. Always puts his body on the line. Works his arse off. Confirms that we are in tail spin. Very worrying times.
  17. Yes that’s a lovely thought - but unfortunately reliant on: 1) The owner picking the ‘right’ manager next and 2) The CEO getting in players that will improve the squad. Recent history tells us this isn’t a given....
  18. Boro, Swansea and Bournemouth up next. QPR then.... Birmingham - that game could very likely be a relegation 6 pointer.
  19. 15 games to get 3 wins. Sounds simple doesn’t it?
  20. Another one whose contract isn’t sorted?
  21. Wasn’t he linked with Villa at one point? Good pedigree and the type I’d be happy for us to go for. But it’s the bookies though isn’t it.
  22. He needs to take his share of the responsibility. When things get like this, for me, it goes beyond just the head coach. It’s like how they say in football what goes on, on the pitch, is often a reflection off it.
  23. Might well have been - but as I said in the players thread - it’s a gamble. Much like the failed gamble of “outing” Famara on sky. A gamble where you’re left with players looking elsewhere at their future and not doing it for us now on the pitch. And very quickly you’re dragged down the table..only takes two or three.
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