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  1. The mighty Gash are not happy that some plucky nobody is allowed to even grace the same pitch as their all stars. Who wants to tell them the farmers pub team are currently 6 points clear at the top and 17 points above HMS Piss The League.
  2. For a minute, I was beginning to wonder if Robbored had a new name
  3. wasn't it a second replay? I have a recollection of drawing at home, drawing the replay then losing a penalty shootout to decide the venue? had to google it......
  4. Welcome to Ipswich Mr Tomlin
  5. if it didn't, it will soon!
  6. With this giveaway on the bottom of the web site
  7. Do they still do the pies? I only live in Stonehouse and I’ve never been in there for food or drink, only for work.
  8. lie-all and prowed (just don't actually go)
  9. It was: all 3.5 million of them In: Wembley stadium With: another million locked outside
  10. It would be really funny if they gambled on keeping him thinking a spell inside meant they could sack him for free, only for him to be cleared which would mean HMS Piss The League was well and truly on it's backward journey and it still cost them a fair wedge to have to sack him, probably too late if it isn't already!
  11. As Spurs play Chelsea today, I hope the tribute befits such a genius of a baller.
  12. Doing a ‘Holloway’. Talking absolute nonsense when no one asked you, and then always eventually changing the subject to be about you or yours.
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