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  1. Stuck in work, is Williams ok? Not an injury switch I hope?
  2. Mine and my dads both arrived today. The next two weeks are gonna drag, cannot wait for the 7th.
  3. So Morton is still our player, trialling for a loan with MK Dons? Or a permanent switch?
  4. Because their opinion is based on scientific evidence and yours isn't. If they said they believed grass is green because of chlorophyll and you said you believe it's green for a different reason, their opinion is more important (or at least should be given more weight - maybe importance is the wrong word) because it is backed by science.
  5. Our current crop of out and out strikers may well have a gem. Only takes one of Bell, Conway or Britton to have a big season in 2 or 3 years and they’ll be worth 10 million.
  6. Less of his face on TV works for me. I'm no model, but good God that is the ugliest mug in football. I wouldn't usually judge a person on appearance but he was Swansea so fair game.
  7. Hasn’t Pring had some success in League 1? I’ve always considered Pring ‘further along’ than Nurse, but have barely seen either actually play so may well be wrong.
  8. Hoping that’d be the answer. Good signs from the new boy.
  9. Who played the forward pass that Martin knocked into Palmer? Lovely bit of play all round.
  10. Lucky England’s future number one is between the sticks then
  11. Good post, was just trying to figure some of these out. Louis Britton also? He has a knock iirc?
  12. That looks like Dasilva wide left then? Hopefully a good runout today, no injuries please chaps!
  13. I would absolutely wear that t-shirt. I'm a large if anyone wants to get me a birthday gift.
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