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  1. Can't vote because I think they need to be some of both.
  2. Well usually having to add two players to our injury list after they were both dragged off before half time would make me miserable. But a combination of being able to remove Joe Williams from said list, and a certain derby win, mean I feel just dandy. Baker Cundy Atkinson - new back injury. Towler Tanner James King I think Cundy and James are close, and hopefully King and Atkinson are only mild. Hopefully get a boost from seeing some of them involved on Tuesday. Safety looking pretty nailed on, so no real pressure to rush anyone back. Massive win yesterday. COYR
  3. Well we were unlucky not to win more comfortably in the end! But doing the double over Cardiff is always good enough for me Glad I don’t have to make the call on MoM today, Semenyo was a beast, Massengo a menace (mistake aside), Martin with a stellar performance and a fantastic brace and our talisman Andi with the winner. Special mention for Pring too. COYRRRR!!!!!!
  4. He’s a big old unit, probably difficult to keep him out of shot Good to see the boys having fun. And seeing HN get involved, must be difficult following West Country banter when English is your second language!
  5. Talk about posts that aged like milk. Scott, Massengo, O’Leary, Semenyo all name checked. All having amazing seasons (well, O’Leary has only played a little but done well).
  6. After reading this article, scientists suggest Andy Davies’ erection may not subside for some weeks.
  7. Weekly round up after the tricky match yesterday. Not that yesterday matters, because it’s Cardiff next Saturday and I for one can’t bloody wait. Bring it on. Baker - still no idea. Cundy - played for U23’s. Tanner - 2 months plus, big shame. Williams - training. James - reoccurrence of a foot injury. Towler - reoccurrence of a back injury as per Fevs. I can only really see James and Williams being potentially back in the fold in time for the Severnside. James the more likely of the two. We shall see. COYR
  8. Maybe an unpopular opinion but I really think we should be selling an asset this month to improve the books. We could probably get a decent enough keeper for free or a minimal fee to compete with Max and cash in on Bents? I’d rather we keep our best of course but it feels like the wolf is at our door.
  9. Yes! Reading lose it after 95. Peterborough lose also.
  10. Reading and Derby winning. Don’t love that.
  11. Just gotta suck this one up. Mitrovic is on over 100k a week such is parachute payments. This game doesn’t define us. The aim this season was to shed a tonne of the wage bill and survive. We’ve done one and will do the other. COYR
  12. Mitrovic is probably on more money than Andi, Semenyo, Scott, HNM combined.
  13. One person I saw Mitrovic get absolutely no change from was… Atkinson last weekend. But it sounds like Mitro is ‘in the mood’ today so I’d imagine Van Dijk would have a shift.
  14. Obviously this is going to be rough but Fulham can do this. There’s far more important games than this one around the corner.
  15. Well we’re defending so well without him… not sure what we’re missing but he seems better than what we are being served!
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