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  1. Hopefully not the only piece of silverware he holds aloft this season. Good on ya Alex, our star boy ️
  2. Got a bad feeling about this game and Scotty. Just had a volley lumped into his head, seems ok but ouch.
  3. Fair play to him, that's a big old step up from Rovers. Have to see if he's up to it.
  4. I think it's been suggested that with Bell and Conway, one will stay as cover and the other will be loaned out until January, and then they'll switch until the seasons end. So by that logic they're both viewed as ready to challenge here. Player development isn't a straight line, but I think the fact we've given this lot some first team minutes and involved them in first-team training means we believe they all have the minerals to be future City stars, but for now we need them getting minutes.
  5. Are we making this thread for every 3pm game this season?
  6. Ah that's a shame. Liked him the few times I watched him. Brace for us in the cup last season, he finished the season with more goals than some seasoned pros! Best of luck Saiks.
  7. I think I'd go (5212): Bentley; Wilson, Atkinson, Klose, Naismith, Pring; Williams, Scott; Weimann; Conway, Martin. Couple of slightly left-field shouts but I really rate Pring as LWB, even over Jay. I'd also be reticent to move Andi away from that number 10 role, hence playing Conway to partner Martin. I think Conway has a bit about him. Worth mentioning, I absolutely don't think this would be the XI Nige would opt for, just a personal preference.
  8. The article on the OS says the away kit will be revealed in the next few weeks. Why do we leave such big gaps? Just drop all three kits at the start of the bloody summer.
  9. Hull have come into some money so may not be the team we beat 5-0 at the end of last season. But any new players won't be bedded in properly by opening day I guess. I think we can look at stats and form and promotions and relegations and transfers but we can't know what's gonna happen. On paper, Hull and the August fixtures are pretty tidy so let's back our boys and make a strong start. Next 5 weeks can't pass fast enough.
  10. Yea thought this yesterday. Title changed a little prematurely. I expect it'll be announced tonight (assuming he didn't fail his medical!).
  11. Wouldn't mind an opening away fixture for a change. Maybe try to catch a 'big' team out before they hit stride. A transitional Burnley away on Sky please
  12. They only put us because they didn’t have enough ‘R’ boards to write Rovers
  13. Good move financially by the club. All the best KP, except against us
  14. Also being discussed on main forum. Think he was an upgradable player but respect for how he stood up and helped this year when injuries built up.
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