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  1. 13 minutes ago, LondonBristolian said:

    I'm trying to work out who are highest scoring current player is. Given striker turnover, they can't have many.

    Without looking. I'm guessing Wells followed by O'Dowda?

    I think Wells has 16 for us, 5 last season and 11 this. Weimann has 21 according to Wiki. They must be top two.

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  2. Sounds a good option on a free. My only reservation is, say we play a 442 or 4231 for most the season, that's only two midfield roles. Could Matty James block the development of Han-Noah and Tyreeq if he's paired with Williams? And where would that leave Nagy?

  3. 2 minutes ago, Fordy62 said:

    Foden, Kane & Grealish must be in the starting XI. 

    4231 could allocate it.


                        TAA          Stones                  Maguire            Shaw

                                              Rice              Philips

                                            Grealish  Foden  Sterling


  4. Given how rapidly 11 players were released last week we haven't had 'goodbye' threads like when a player is sold and usually has their own thread. Think it's worth saying Fam has been a great servant of this club and provided many great moments over the last 4 seasons. Stopped performing at the end, maybe to do with Ashton p'ing him off, but that aside he's been very good and an important part of our squad that has become established in the second tier.

    Thanks Fam. I'll miss our man from Knowle.

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  5. I'll go into this season optimistic as always (where's the fun otherwise? :D) but I'd be pretty pleased with 12th-14th next season considering we'll be bedding in lots of new players and staff. Expect a few games where we're really good, accept a few games where we're really shit. Don't get in too much danger of the drop and kick on from there. 

    Nige says he thinks 3 years is a realistic time frame to get promoted, that would be a perfectly ok start in my opinion.  

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  6. 1 minute ago, Rocky said:

    Proctor is the lead physio and staying I thought.  It needs a head of performance (Rolls title) or something similar.

    Oh I thought Rolls oversaw physio. Bit concerning the lead physio is considered worth keeping around no? Hopefully this was just a freak season and next year will be very different regarding player availability. Won't be hindered by the fact Baker, Mawson, Watkins are gone.

  7. Easy way to remember the 11, they form a 4-4-2...

    Gilmartin: Hunt, Mariappa, Baker, Rowe: Adelakun, Walsh, Lansbury, Paterson: Fam, Watkins.

    Completely pointless post but amused me slightly.

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  8. Ashton gone ✔️

    Pearson given a 3 year deal ✔️

    Rolls gone ✔️

    Squad thinned out ✔️

    New CEO in place ✔️

    To do:

    New head of recruitment

    New lead physio

    Squad bolstering


    Busy summer but well on track! Welcome Richard. We love you Steve.

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  9. I know things are rightly a bit sour after this season but some posters being a bit cruel here IMO. He served us well for a long time and was involved in some of the best performances of my time supporting City. Wish him all the best in his next venture. 

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  10. Really pleased with that. Love how open the club are being as well regarding Simpson and Weimann talks ongoing, they easily could've just not mentioned them. Going to be strange when Fam, Bakes and a few others are at other clubs but we need a refresher. Another step of the big summer complete. COYR.

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