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  1. Viera didn't seem to have mobility issues as a big man. I think the problem is more with mentality and attitude. So many players today don't seem that upset if they are not playing
  2. I would say Ashley Cole has at least 8 or 10" on him. I can't really see why he can be compared in any way with AC. Not in the same league at all
  3. When our team organisation and effort was so poor over the last 2 seasons there has been no place for flairs players so we have none. The trick is to find a flair player that will also play his role out of possession. If you include a player like Tomlin or to some extent Palmer or Bakinson, their lack of discipline is targeted by the opposition. I think as we get better organised and some sort of confidence in the system returns players will feel more able to express themselves and entertain.
  4. I know that I may be in the minority but since signing permanently I have see little of Jays so called attacking flair. When given the ball facing 1 defender he almost never takes him on and prefers the inside ball. If he does get to the bye line his crossing is rarely productive. I know that others really rate him but for me he is playing on reputation and is a liability at the back due to his size.
  5. The last guy we should be thinking about dropping is Pring
  6. I thought Wiemann thru the middle and Pring on the left made us look far more balanced, Kalas was really influential as well. Overall I thought the tempo was the best for ages
  7. Indications at this point are not too positive Our squad is one of the worst in the league with too many seeing out their career in comfort No pace and no goal threat Squad don't look up for the fight. The new arrivals have done nothing to improve this aspect Coach who is rude to reporters and prefers the comfort of the stand to the pressure of the bench Something very big has to happen soon if we are to enjoy a mid table season
  8. I think after such an awful run you need to repair mental confidence as well as the muscle
  9. With our build up play last year I wonder how many Toney would have scored for us. Strikers need service and that is in short supply at AG of late
  10. I really accept what a mess we are in, how much NP has his hands tied etc but my big disappointment in the first 2 games has been the lack of intensity. I was hoping to see a fully committed BCFC with high energy and a strong press. I was expecting that our new fitness level would allow us to play 90 plus minutes at tempo. I am delighted that we no longer play 10 square balls across the back four and then hoof it but apart from that I am seeing very little difference from last year and worse still very little excitement. NP said you have to give the fans something to shout about if you want them to be loud. On Saturday for long periods there was little to shout about and so the crowd got bored and went quiet. I know how hard the job will be BUT I think the fans need to see some positive change even if it is only based on effort and desire to win every battle.
  11. Thank about it, how far have we dropped that Martin is our best forward and goal threat
  12. Question is what did Simpson do last season to warrant a contract this year?
  13. Look we played FGR and our midfield got overrun. We had to play on the break. Our promised miracle midfield star is injured yet again. Player quality you can't do much about but motivation, organisation and game management comes from the coaching staff and the head of our coaching teams prefers to be as far from the players as possible.
  14. Struggling to see where the ups are coming from at this point
  15. He comes across as being aloft and a bit too good for us. Surely he understands that the fans want to hear his views. Its part of the job. I think he is a guy that does not care if he is personally popular or not but he is representing an organisation and has to rise above his arrogance. Its not like he can say he lets results do the talking for him. Sitting in the stands will also not go down well when clearly the team needs inspiration. I really really hope I am wrong but it begins to feel like the City job was the only one on offer and he is using the situation to look after as many old mates as he can. Long story short, he cannot afford to be arrogant or short with the press when results are so poor.
  16. I think neither produce a decent final ball and both need to many chances to score
  17. I see the loss of Fam in 3 ways. We lose approx 12 goals, perhaps playing in his correct position and with a more positive team around him Wells can make up for this. We will certainly be better in our high pressing. Fams idea of a press was to amble towards his man and as soon as he went past him to stop. As such the others gave up as there was always 1 man free. Set pieces. For me this was Fams best contribution winning a lot of balls into the area. I think if we can be a solid mid table by Christmas SL may be tempted to sanction a loan forward to push on.
  18. I think it more boils down to how much SL is prepared to write off each year.
  19. I wonder is a car sharing site should be set up. Plenty of people travel with 1 or 2 people in the car and would welcome a bit of extra discussion too and from the game.
  20. With words like unfair, unjust, unsporting, undesirable and elitist did you perhaps mistake this forum for the socialist workers forum?
  21. I just want to stay up and be entertained from time to time
  22. If City were smart they would appoint a spokesman to handle the media as journos will try to wind Nige up to get a headline
  23. I think that Wembley way is the problem. It is a funnel on the way in and way out. A terrorists dream. Once you have large numbers of people hell bent on trouble, mixed in with legitimate ticket holders in that space the police have no chance. Not sure what the answer is Probably there needs to be at least 1 more approach and tickets must be shown to gain access. If this check point is further from the ground at least the police have some chance. Another idea is only light beer on sale at and within 2 miles of the stadium. Sydney did this during the Olympics and it worked well. The biggest shame is that as a nation some parts of society feel that you can't have a great time unless you are totally off your face.
  24. If you allow your best assets to run down their contracts and leave for nothing, how else can you finance a replacement?
  25. We concede 2 goals in a tournament and you want an alternative centre back pairing?
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