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  1. I think a lot of clubs are struggling at home because they have forgotten how to attack. We hear so much about " the press" now. It seems that the main attacking plan for many teams is to steal the ball from teams obsessed with playing out from the back and pinching goals. When they come up against a team that gets the ball upfield quickly, they have no plan B. We fall down in the last third because for 4 years we have concentrated on stopping teams from attacking and trying to nick a goal ourselves. We have players who can beat their man but instead mainly pass backwards or sideways. When we do somehow get into decent crossing positions we either hit an awful cross or have too few players ready to get on the end of a good ball. This negativity is so deeply engrained that NP is struggling to overcome it. For me our players have forgotten how to express themselves and actually enjoy their football. There seems to be a total lack of real passion and will to win. At the very least we need a strong and vocal captain next year that is the on field leader and is not afraid to demand more of each player.
  2. You have as good centre backs as you like but when we invite teams to cross the ball 20 or 30 times per game in to our box we will have problems. We simply cannot stop crosses at the moment
  3. I think Bakinson is well and truly on the naughty stool. Hooked after 20 mins perhaps he reacted badly? For me he has great potential but must learn that football is his profession not his hobby and that 100% is needed all the time. On a good day I really like him. I hope that some tough lover from NP will be the making of him.
  4. Must have been tough playing in a team this season that creates less than 2 chances per game.
  5. Wow imagine what SL could develop with that much space
  6. Wells is doing good work except when he gets close to goal. At that point he is like a nervous bride with no calmness, first touch or shooting accuracy. Semenyo is not a striker. He just isn't. So with the thought of that combination up front I see how Fam gets picked
  7. Lets hope that with our new manager players will not feel they have to move to progress
  8. They got a good example from the COE and Catholic Church Hide your dirty secrets because they are not comfortable to discuss
  9. Not to get too carried away, they did hit the woodwork twice, however it is so nice to see a coach that a) issues instructions during the game b) Has a clear relationship with the players seen especially as they leave the field when substituted c) does not accept laziness (hooking Bakinson who was not in the mood) d) Gets the best out of flair players like KP (who is suddenly our new AW) e) Gives the players clear instructions and expects them to be followed. I just hope he can work some magic on Wells. His confidence seems to be lower than a snakes belly at the moment.
  10. With a fully fit squad we still would not have a 20 goal per year sticker or a winger who can beat his man and deliver an accurate cross consistently. O'Dowd or Semenyo do not fit that bill. Looking forward, to put a competitive team together would need at least A good right back A left back unless we always play 5 at the back. DaSilva leaves us really exposed in the air in a 4 and seems very injury prone. Another centre back for cover Unless Bakinson matures very fast a good centre midfield A real winger that can yes beat a man and cross a ball but also not be a liability when we lose possession. A really good centre forward I hope that Steve is feeling generous For me looking at next year, if we make some of the recruitments needed, find a set style of play that suits us and a real team and work effort consistently I would be happy. Realistic expectations are needed. It will take more than 1 year to fix the mistakes of the last 4.
  11. I think the SU fans will be feeling sick with a meddling owner in place
  12. I remember being told as a kid, when defending "get goal side" not in front, not behind, goal side. Had he done this he would have prevented the goal. Simple as
  13. For me this is poor judgment mixed with immaturity based on pretty low intelligence You would think that young players should be told how lucky they are to be paid for what they love doing and have their responsibilities explained. I wonder if he gave 5 seconds thought to the impression he is creating with fans
  14. Another 5 foot player. He will have to be great to make up for lack of height in midfield
  15. For me there is clearly something wrong in our dressing room. A new manager arrives. The players lift and play with serious energy and effort. We win 2 away games We play Bournemouth and clearly the intensity had dropped a bit and we fairly unluckily got beaten We play QPR and energy and effort back to pre NP levels and we get beaten. For me we have very few winners in the squad. We have refused to sign players with character that might lead them to disagree with previous managers. NP is a winner. He must see what he has inherited. He can't really crack the whip because if he drops players we have nobody to replace them with and frankly the players seem quite happy to sit on the bench. I like the way he hooked Bakinson. This kid has it all but if he only plays when he is in the mood he will never reach his potential in the same way as JET did not. I really hope that NP decides he wants to stay at the end of this but I fear if he is told he cannot make the big changes needed he will walk.
  16. I think there is a very good player in there somewhere but not one suited to the Championship. In France football is almost a no contact sport so his stature is not so important You also get a lot more time on the ball For me this is another case of very poor recruitment and trying to buy to sell.
  17. Can't trap a ball after all these years and puts in a shift 1 game in 4. Out for me
  18. How important is Zak nowadays I think we really lost our way when he was moved out of midfield I think with Bakinson, Palmer and Nagy we have some real balance in midfield finally
  19. We should get 2 or 3 games out of him before he is injured again or suspended
  20. Not beige enough for the wokes
  21. If Pearson and co could just improve his first touch he would be a world beater
  22. Can't pass to players who don't want the ball
  23. I agree, he was everywhere, got stuck in and played with his head up. Of course it helps having 10 teams mates running into space and wanting the ball. I was really pleased to see the talk and hand slapping in defence. We looked like a close knit team last night
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