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  1. It’s good that we have moved away from an era where players had fish and chips for lunch before a game, a couple of ciggies at halftime and a pint of milk at the end of the match. Rennie obviously knows his stuff and it’s good to see a professional approach to fitness with technology and data. But I do wonder if things are starting to get over-complicated with too much fine detail possibly clouding the bigger picture. Players may start to avoid taking a risk in a game (the sort of thing that can make a game exciting to watch) because they know it may affect their performance statistics. There is such a thing as paralysis by analysis.
  2. In a game, if you try some flicks, long through passes and dramatic overhead bicycle kicks then by the law of averages a few of them will come off over a season and that is what is remembered by those who witness it. You forget the majority of failed attempts. To be consistently skilled so that it consistently pays off requires practice, practice, practice, practice, practice….. There is no skill gene.
  3. That sort of analysis sounds familiar. There must be a link between us last season and Ipswich this season. I wonder what it is.
  4. Yes, very impressive interviews.
  5. Yes, I hope we never become top six in the PL. It would bore me to tears.
  6. It’s called unfounded optimism. Many City fans have it in their DNA.
  7. A lot of people in Devon and Cornwall get very irritated by us claiming we’re from the West Country
  8. The name of this forum tells you why it is actually a good thing that should be encouraged.
  9. Jimmy Greaves was one of the greatest. RIP Jimmy.
  10. I’ve tried so hard to give a mature and balanced opinion of Ashton and that he couldn’t be as bad as people on here make him out to be. But that video confirms it. The man is an absolute d***head.
  11. As City fans we have much to offer the English language. Words that have specific meaning to us could be used more generally as part of English vocabulary. For example: Dolman - someone who leaves an event early to the annoyance of everyone else, as in “the party went on till three but there were some dolmans there who were gone by midnight “ Trundle - to flatter to deceive, as in “Gary trundled his way through school. He could be brilliant in some maths lessons but got a D in his GCSE” Gow - giving the malevolent illusion of being ever present, as in “Tom was a bit of a gow. Wherever I went, when I looked up he always seemed to be there, intimidating me by his look. In fact, he was every ****ing where. Scared the sh1t out of me”
  12. If someone comes in to buy us, there will be an article in the Sunday Telegraph about our ‘potential’.
  13. Oh god, here we go again. A new thread about Mark Ashton might be more interesting.
  14. Bloody hell. One drawn game in and the big analysis on NP has already started. Probably a blessing in disguise we didn’t win, just to keep expectations below sky high.
  15. Very sad news. We will always remember you TC.
  16. As a fan base we’ve been cautiously optimistic before the start of at least the last 50 seasons (even last season) and here we are again. All part of supporting a big city club with potential rather than achievement.
  17. A very positive summary. Plus, he could shoot from all angles.
  18. There doesn’t seem to be any sort of consensus on what managers and coaches should wear on match days. During the Euros I saw smart suit and tie with polished shoes, smart suit but no tie, jacket and trousers with or without a tie, polo shirt and chinos, jumper and jeans, t shirt and joggers and the full sports regalia. If there was to be a dress code, what would you choose? Would you want to see Nige smart, casual or sporty? Do you think it has a subtle psychological effect on players? Should managers be required to wear the club mascot outfit?
  19. Mark phoned me to say he had good humans at Ipswich
  20. “We need to talk about Mark Ashton”
  21. Is there a breakdown to show the different success rates between “run up and blast it” and “I’m going to do an effeminate dance before I tap it” styles of penalty taking?
  22. Last night was a disappointment not a failure. World Cup semi followed by a Euros final is massive progress for England. But for a few spot kicks and we would be celebrating. No hand wringing required.
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