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  1. Redrascal2


    Let's hope we keep on winning then.
  2. Lad next door us an Ipswich fan and he reckons they are after MK Dons manager or Ryan Lowe.
  3. How does Bakinson keep his place. With him and Massengo in midfield to say it looks a bit lightweight is a massive understatement.
  4. Absolutely right. But the tougher task is looking more like mission Impossible.
  5. I am sure you are right but I would not have believed it.
  6. We have little choice but that midfield looks so so weak.
  7. A few decent tackles might be useful for a midfield player as well.
  8. Am I right in saying FFP does not apply in League 1. Well the way we are going they will be no need to Google it next season.
  9. I think his silence speaks volumes. That he is leaving the football club to get on with it and more funds to strengthen the team are not going to be forthcoming. His back is truly turned to the problems we currently have.
  10. Yes agreed bad analogy. We cannot make Bakinson, for example, a Joe Williams. But you should expect him to work hard and give all he has. A good example is George Tanner a full back from league 2 when he stepped in to the team he clearly was not a ready made Championship player but he gave you a whole hearted performance. He worked his socks off.I think it is reasonable to expect that from all 11 players who wear our shirt even if we lose the game. And I thought Pearson would provide that more regularly than he is.
  11. I struggle with the concept that the absence of 2 or 3 players can prevent the 11 selected from giving their best in a game. Also I think that the Manager has a role in motivating and organising the team and that just does not seem to be happening as I would have thought with a Manager of Pearson's experience.
  12. He had a hard man image. But in reality he seems a soft touch. Can you imagine some of the players who bottled it today going in to see Joe Jordan after playing like that. It seems the players have no concerns about Pearson or his reaction when they put no effort or commitment in to a game.
  13. Transitioning from the Championship to league 1 maybe.
  14. Very good post but the issue for me is not that I'm expecting miracles or quick solutions to long standing problems. But I did expect a Pearson team to be motivated and make the opposition at least have to work hard for the points. Beaten due to inexperience or quality of player or tactically. But beaten due to lack of determination and fight I do not think is acceptable. And clearly Pearson has proven consistently incapable of putting out a team each week that can compete or even show an interest in competing. Tough game away on a snowy day in Sheffield and our lot weren't interested. Not acceptable from Pearson and if you cannot get your team motivated and playing with pride then it doesn't seem to matter who you sign. He has failed.
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