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  1. I cannot see why NP should have to pander to a Post reporter particularly one who was so quick to criticize NP in print after not talking to him after one preseason friendly. I doubt anyone needs friends like that.
  2. From interviews I have watched between NP and Gregor, NP seems to get a little annoyed when answering questions he has already answered. And Gregor seems to have a few of these in his interviews. So maybe he should put a bit more homework in to his questions and things might go a bit better.
  3. I think NP has a lot more important things to deal with than missing an interview with the Post reporter. And I think his piece in the Post about it was unnecessary and malicious shit stirring. And sums the reporter and paper up.
  4. I thought the price for the bloke we were supposed to be interested in was a million. And I thought the reduction of the squad and the fact that we have only signed one player for a fee might mean we could spend an amount on a striker.
  5. Sadly I don't think we will. I still cannot understand how we cannot afford to sign one when we have spent so little and have a billionaire owner. When I think of all the money wasted on Johnson's signings and how little NP has had it seems even crazier. Obviously covid has had a massive effect but still disappointed SL could not stretch to funding a striker signing.
  6. Good signing well done to the new recruitment team. Let's go get a striker now.
  7. We wanted 5 new players we have 1. Surely something must happen soon.
  8. The trouble under Johnson was we had about 3 bags!!!
  9. I have watched most of the first half. I saw Nagy make a nice pass and that is it. No tackling whatsoever and rarely on the ball. How is he playing well.
  10. There was me moaning about lack of signings!!! Well done the new Recruitment team. Great signing. Keep them coming.
  11. I think Lam sets the playing style listening to a good interview with Dave Attwood last week. But they have just appointed a Recruitment manager. His role as you rightly suggest is to scour the rugby world for players who will fit in with the Bears ethos and playing style. Both young and upcoming players, late developers, ones that might have been overlooked. And provide options for Pat Lam and the coaches.Allowing them to get on with coaching.
  12. I am not saying we should be paying over 2 million but what sort of budget has NP got to rebuild a squad and team. All the money wasted by previous managers under Lansdown and when we have a good manager who is looking for quality signings he appears to have little money to work with. NP's task was massive at the outset but could start to resemble mission impossible.
  13. Compared to the money spent by Johnson on players under Lansdown's reign, I would have said that if this amount was spent to get Atkinson it was quite reasonable. We have got rid of 11 players and some loanees. We cannot rebuild a team and not spend any money. The longer we wait the more chance of losing him.
  14. Surely with a Billionaire owner and shipping out so many players we can afford this player. Or will we fanny about and let somebody walk in and take him. Pay it and get him signed. NP needs backing.
  15. It shows what little he brings to the role. And if not the owners son he would never get such a position.
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