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  1. 32 minutes ago, Fordy62 said:

    Such a liability on the ball. Shame really because his desire to play the ball forward is so commendable. Really thought he looked the real deal when he broke through… sadly it didn’t continue. 

    I reckon he’ll drop off into obscurity similar to Jordan Wynter. I watched him in his first couple of games and thought he had something only for him to vanish. 

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  2. 29 minutes ago, And Its Smith said:

    Nice to see so many people writing off Max.  Beggars belief this forum at times.  Young for a keeper and surely it’s clear to see he has a lot of strengths.  I remember when Semenyo was never going to be good enough….

    Writing off or sharing an opinion? Blimey fella, you are relentless against those who have a different view to you. 

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  3. Interesting conversation yesterday on talksport where Leanne Sanderson seemed to suggest that only the premier league would be a step up for Emma Hayes should she come over to the mens game. Thought it was laughable to be honest. Any of the four divisions would be a step up I’m sure. 

  4. 5 hours ago, Red DNA said:

    There is a third factor to be considered here as well…

    Classic Scouse tactics to turn up at the turnstiles very very late without tickets, forged or otherwise, push the kids to the front, let them get squashed and distressed then demand the gates are open to avoid someone being seriously injured and get in for free, pushing genuine ticket holders out of their seats. 

    I do feel sorry the genuine fans who spent shed loads of money to watch their team and be treated like this but the scallys need to take some ownership and responsibility of the issue and maybe the club won’t keep getting stereotyped by people like me. 

    Classic scouse tactics? That’s very harsh. I’ve a couple of friends who attended yesterday. Arrived at the ground at 18.30, plenty of time you would have thought alongside many a fan and found a large amount of the turnstiles were closed. There have since been multiple videos of football supporters (like us) being tear gassed when simply showing their tickets to the authorities. Other videos showing locals trying to squeeze in front at the turnstiles. Eventually one of my pals got in 25 minutes after the KO. Many of the fans have been fleeced for tickets, just to follow their club, and then miss out on the early action. UEFA blamed the fans. Absolute joke. Responses like yours are an insult. Football is broken. 

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  5. 53 minutes ago, SydneyCity said:

    I listened to the whole interview and he was talking about how he played with Jody Morris at Millwall. Derek went on to be manager at St Johnstone and he knew that Jody wasn’t getting much game time so called him up and offered him £700 p/w to play. Jody accepted and was the model pro, running the dressing room and instilling the right attitude in the young players (plus playing well).

    I’m certainly not defending signing him as it clearly didn’t work that way at Ashton Gate but I guess it gave me an insight into why he brought him to City, especially if it was on similar financial terms.

    Pretty sure I’ve listened to a podcast where Jody Morris wasn’t as glowing about McInnes by the end of his time here. 

  6. 1 hour ago, Supersonic Robin said:

    Yeah, wouldn't disagree that they've been a more successful club than us in recent years. I still don't think they're really a "bigger" club than us, though I seem to be in a minority with that! Genuinely surprised that so many people think otherwise though - I didn't think my initial statement was particularly controversial! 😅

    This is more in line with my thinking. Frustrating that so many clubs fall into that category, unfortunately.

    Outside of Bristol I don’t think we are recognised. 

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  7. 18 hours ago, Supersonic Robin said:

    Do you really consider Watford to be a bigger club than us? More successful in recent years, yes, but bigger?

    (Appreciate they're in a far better position to sign players than us regardless of how big/small they are, so just arguing on a technicality here really)

    Yes. Bigger. Certainly a better proposition over the last 20/30 years. 

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  8. 8 hours ago, Beni71 said:

    A real low for me on FBC this week. Missed Neil’s balance and thought leadership and transcended into the angry old man’s club again. 

    Ian’s random comment generator this week

    - get rid of the whole midfield 

    - De Silva not good enough

    - Pearson has until the World Cup 

    - Pulled out his old favourite about Derbys point deduction and how they would be ahead of us on points if they hadn’t cheated.

    Such lack of balance in Ian’s comments and so knee jerk. Given his astute business knowledge and his pearls of wisdom re Calum O’Dowda’s contract last week, you would have thought he would consider his comments more carefully.

    @Davefevsdid Ian ever give his view on where we would finish this season?

    Yeah, same for me. Very bleak listen. Don’t get me wrong it’s been far from great this season but we’ve got through it and finished pretty much where we thought we would. There have been some real positives, especially with the young talent being given an opportunity. 

    Real disappointing end this one. 

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