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  1. I thought the Garland goal was in a 5-0 win at Eastville in the Glos Cup Final ? My memory isn't the best mind.
  2. Agreed, but maybe COD given another few days to recover.
  3. I'd have to agree with that. I think he is crap at his job. 2/10
  4. bcfc01


    Probably. Just looked at the title and answered
  5. bcfc01


    Lost 1-2 to Malmo at home. 2-4 aggregate.
  6. It's obvious but it needed pointing out.
  7. I think he's been doing that off and on for years. First few games he'll get a better perspective from the stands to assess shape, positioning etc. which you can't see properly from the touchline. He'll maybe revert to the touchline once that is sorted out to his satisfaction. maybe a question for GMG (if he can phrase it without sounding as if he's digging for something).
  8. If you mean O'Dowda and Williams, the former will be in contention to start Saturday and the latter apparently (according to NP) had a tight thigh but still maintaining full power. I'm not sure how an impact injury and one coming back from previous injury having some tightness constitutes something that doesn't bode well for the season. Looks very good to me, at least on the injury front.
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    Having watched the Fulham v Boro match last Sunday, I would certainly say that Boro are a very physical and aggressive team. But also a very limited team. They wore down Fulham and finished the game much stronger than them. Tough game for us and one where who ever is playing up front needs to be physical and not bullied. Janneh or Martin ? Absolutely no doubts that it should be Martin, he should get a few free kicks around the box as well with his experience. Maybe some minutes for Janneh out wide.
  10. bcfc01


    Albert wasn't as raw as Janneh though.
  11. bcfc01


    Chris Martin is scoring - in the Championship, why drop him for a raw talent ?
  12. bcfc01


    He reminds me of Bolasie when we had him at City. Very raw, bit frustrating to watch, suspect decision making. But the talent is there and so is the pace. Hopefully, turns out to be like Bolasie.
  13. And Flashscore says 6. Still poor, but at least its accurate..
  14. I'm out. Bunch of arseholes on here as soon as we concede.
  15. Bit of a shock that. RIP mate. Condolences to family and friends.
  16. I'm a dab hand with the clippers if she wants a number 1,2,3, or 4. Bump.
  17. I think Wells will get a game, if he's still in the good books (Bell coming on against Blackpool instead of him was a bit strange). Williams probably needs an hour. Massengo and Bakinson need minutes. Be interesting to see if Kalas and Moore are involved and I'm assuming Nagy is now out of the frame from this point onwards. Could be quite a revealing team selection tonight.
  18. Me and me Mum and me Dad and me Gran..
  19. 5 minutes in and I'm thinking of calling the Samaritans after listening to that monotone negative Ian. I really couldn't listen to the rest of it. Each to their own, and I'm sure many people love the podcast and I'm sure those guys are great supporters of City, but Its not for me. I'm out.
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