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  1. Some reaction from his mates. Hoping he will stay this season to help Ben Acey bed in.
  2. 0-2. An opportunity to show some resilience. Will they crumble or will they regroup?
  3. I can only think of one. Just a rumour though, and I won’t believe it until it’s on the OS.
  4. Apart from all that he’s done quite well.
  5. Do you think we can persuade him to take that deal? Would definitely help our FFP situation.
  6. Brilliant. I’d like to see NP try that. Have a feeling it would be more like that John Smiths ad…. …’ave it!!!
  7. Could make a sale of Brownhill in the summer more likely. If they go down he could be quite attractive to a lower half club in the prem.
  8. Came with a decent reputation after the Chesterfield cup run. Did not come close to matching expectations.
  9. I appreciate he had injuries during his time with us but I’m struggling to think of too many who were worse. Any thoughts?
  10. I have friends who know Dyche pretty well. They say he doesn’t really get on with the new owners and a parting of the ways had been coming. Keen to stay in the premier league, so will bide his time and probably look to get back in next season if he can.
  11. Playing international football in a higher age group will be great for his development. Definitely one to keep an eye on.
  12. It always makes me smile when the commentator states the obligatory “no one wants to see this”. I do. Very entertaining.
  13. I’m guessing you’re adding mind reading to your huge lists of skills and accomplishments. I was merely pointing out the facts. Something I thought you were very keen on. If you read @Davefevs posts (the evidence suggests you obsess over them) then you will know he has talked about thirds all season. Your trolling is becoming increasingly tiresome and so I will join the growing group who have decided to put you on ignore.
  14. We are actually in the bottom third and the bottom quarter. We are also in the bottom half. Apart from that I agree with the rest of your post.
  15. Not saying you were wrong. Just that we saw the same action and had completely opposite views.
  16. Semenyo’s pace and power has made a real difference. OTIB in a nutshell
  17. Alternatively, Lansbury has started 20 out of Luton’s 39 games so far, and was subbed off in 10 of those. The way you look at it seems to depend on the narrative you’re desperately trying to push.
  18. I agree. I think it would suit everyone if he could find a club willing to pay us a reasonable fee.
  19. I’ve got a feeling that Nige likes him. Challenged him to show he was worth a contract and he seems to be doing everything he can. I’m not sure whether he’ll prove to be good enough, but his contract would be on relatively low terms so all considered definitely worth the risk for me. He might just end up being part of a formidable partnership with Atkinson.
  20. Quite upbeat for a change.
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