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  1. Bentley missed the ball and punched their player in the face. Unfortunate, but definitely a penalty.
  2. Good reply Dave. I think I understand what we might need to do to stay within FFP next season (thanks to you and Mr Pops). I guess my real question is … Is it worth failing FFP in the short term (as long as we’re good enough to absorb the points deduction) to gain an advantage in the medium term? Can we accelerate our team/squad building by making some sensible moves in the summer market that would likely make us very competitive in 23/24? Would SL sanction it, if he thought it made sense? We could take advantage of a depressed market. I’m not talking about selling any of our assets, or paying big fees. The market below the Prem is depressed and I think we could build a good squad if we’re brave.
  3. There is definitely at least one psychologist employed by the club. They usually work with individual players but I don’t know how many ( if any) of the first team squad he sees.
  4. Genuinely interested in what people think. Those with a close eye on the finances @Davefevs @Mr Popodopolous and others have given figures showing we are sailing close to the wind FFP wise for next season but then things improve. Gould you would imagine is in contact with the EFL trying to get extra allowances and has already stated that we may get a 6 point deduction. We’ve made some cost savings so seem to be just about ok. Rambling a bit, but my point is this. Is it worth spending in the summer (not outrageously) but enough to get some championship ready players in key positions and whatever league1/2 players we believe have a high ceiling. The market is likely to be depressed and we could potentially improve the squad considerably without a massive outlay. It would also show some ambition to our more talented players who we would like to stay and grow with us. We might fall foul of FFP by a relatively small amount, and would a points deduction be worth it in the medium term. (I’m assuming it would only be 6 points at worst). Seems to me that there might be a reasonable business case for it, but then I’m not a billionaire!
  5. It reads more like everything is Pearson’s fault as you understand it.
  6. Showing on robins TV apparently.
  7. Really good piece. Ronay writes intelligently on most subjects IMHO.
  8. Thought he seemed like a parks ref. Gave a lot of decisions to the team that appealed the loudest.
  9. @IAmNick has clipped the goal and penalty etc. In the match day thread.
  10. Our 3 young guns all having relative shockers to put off any watching scouts…. Smart.
  11. I loved that kit. Had the home one as well. One for Christmas and one for my birthday. A great reminder of happy days. My dad (sadly no longer with us) would drop me and my younger brothers at the children's enclosure and would go and meet his mates in the open end. It was very exciting. Little did I know then as a 10 year old that my city supporting experience had peaked.
  12. No, just the development of young people.
  13. Really?? Why do you want this to become a p*sing contest? I’ve just called you out on a post(s) that in my opinion are delivering another false narrative. FWIW I did the old “Prelim” back in the 90’s now hold EUFA B and have been a teacher for 25 years.
  14. Wow, such a lack of self awareness. Even here where I may have made an error you are making things up. I didn’t mention that he had played at RB and thought he had played the odd game at RWB. Before Saturday he had started 2 first team games at RWB/FB and would’ve been taken through this in training in the lead up to the games. My point was really about your comments on player development, which you curiously have decided to ignore.
  15. Hold my hands up if I’m wrong. I know you’re more across the U23’s than most of us. I thought he’d played the odd game there.
  16. Just saw this on twitter. Seems apt.
  17. What a ridiculous post. Hasn’t Bell played at RWB for the U23’s? It worked fine v Middlesbrough and Coventry. It didn’t work so well on Saturday. Bell was exposed and lost some confidence. It happens, he now has an opportunity to show some resilience, which will serve him well in his career. Scott being exposed and taken off in the first half earlier in the season hasn’t harmed him. Are you now an expert in player welfare and development as well?
  18. I don’t know for certain, do you? People have made assumptions based on the need for cost savings. You constantly assert your opinions as facts. It is getting a bit tiresome to be honest.
  19. I don’t think there’s any big drama. In his post match press conference NP stated when asked about Simpson something along the lines of planning for next year and looking a little longer term. At that point it was obvious that he wasn’t going to play again. Now it has just been made formal and means we can all move on.
  20. Maybe it’s a group that Boris will be happy to sanction?
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