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  1. Terrible pen there And another shocker
  2. Can Leeds beat Brentford away? Everton scores are irrelevant if not
  3. Doesn't seem the character to take one
  4. He looks fantastic, their best player by a mile
  5. I don't see these teams as any better than top end Champ , strange as Frankfurt beat Barce
  6. Rangers always seem to be so dull when I watch them Turning over to the League Two game
  7. No idea why it's being played in a small stadium, not even the biggest in Seville
  8. I don't know why Hibs fans are so against Johnson, he would be their best manager in at least 16 years since Mowbray left
  9. He'll be alright for Hibs, probably get them up the table challenging for 3rd or 4th I don't see it as a positive move for Johnson though, perhaps he is hoping for experience managing in European competitions
  10. Hope it helps then that only one team relegated from the Prem last year has gone back up...
  11. Another story: Without being too disrespectful to the person in question, but an incredibly low ranking club employee passed away not long after McInnes had been sacked. McInnes and to be fair also I believe Tony Docherty, flew down from Scotland simply for the funeral.
  12. Can't disagree with any of that to be fair A very depressing time to be a City fan with some dreadful players but some of which brought in by McInnes
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