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  1. Don't mind Alex Scott but why have they got two presenters for the highlight show. Seems weird as does the lack (none) of straight white bloke contributors to the programme. Loving the Olympics though, some proper emotional moments with Daley winning gold for example.
  2. Rich people need poor people to do all the work, that's the way of the world
  3. Well you can get 50-1 on us winning the league which is our lengthiest odds for years
  4. You were already through so what's the big deal about today?
  5. Lots of dollar for Brighton's third best CB according to the general consensus of their fans
  6. Very fitting for a club with a stupid stadium name in the first place I love 'Ashton Gate' and hope the name never changes
  7. Southgate is the perfect England manager Results Success especially compared to the past Bringing a team of individuals together Morals He ticks all the boxes for an international manager
  8. I was quite clearly a red based on the 2021 interpretation of the rules
  9. Anyone mentioned how well Pickford played? The save just before their goal and two pens as well. Fair play.
  10. Shades of Croatia 2018 or playingthe best team with sod all up front?
  11. Seen enough City disappointments after an early opener but it looks like the Italians cannot deal with the 352
  12. The better individuals v the better team. I just hope that Kane and Sterling play like they did on Wednesday and hopefully we'll have too much for their aging defence. They haven't come across real pace upfront in the tournament yet so here's hoping.
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