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  1. We started last night 11th but yes those two injury time goals have cost us 8 places as we would be 8th
  2. Classic response of someone with no clue. How many goals and assists for us? How does that compare to anyone else of a similar position in our current squad?
  3. I will concede QPR have a very outside chance of getting promoted above one of Fulham, Bournemouth, WBA as someone else said, the stars have aligned for their squad. Two more parachute clubs Stoke or Sheff U if they get a run going are the next in line though. Brentford were building for many years, Leeds due to a unique manager and finances of a large support, Sheff Utd another special manager. Coventry, Blackburn might look good but absolutely no chance over 46 (49 more like) games
  4. Who knows but the 2 months previous goals, assists and points won don't get wiped out in a period of bad form
  5. Mr 1 in 25..... Our fans know sod all
  6. It's all a bit irrelevant, there is about zero chance of any of those teams being promoted. All fighting to be the best of the rest
  7. https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/sport/football/bristol-city-ceo-premier-league-6088808 https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-10111625/Bristol-City-chief-Richard-Gould-parachute-payments-targeting-Premier-League-promotion.html Wow absolutely bang on Richard. Football for me is rapidly losing it's appeal with a mini league of clubs between the Prem and Champ every season
  8. What did the Colchester player get sent off for?
  9. Some of us were banging that drum 2 seasons ago when LJ left. A bit late now
  10. Well it's now a 5-1 smashing in 90+ goals this season
  11. 26 points in 22 PL games blimey I would take that any day. No idea about Leuven, a bad spell at Derby but his record here is about as good as it can be in the situation
  12. 93% pass accuracy, brilliant
  13. No one will buy Bentley because of his weak hands
  14. Taylor was well onside... Scott not sure if dive or pen, more likely the latter but definitely nowhere near the ball Mr Martin
  15. How he thought the Forest player got the ball v Scott....
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