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  1. I'd say Saturdays team moreso than tonight's as an indicator for Blackpool.
  2. As long as it's practical I can see it being pushed back a year, there's another T20 WC in Australia next winter so just follow on from that. Obviously it would involve a fair bit of rescheduling for both teams, but better that than a weakened contest involving a rotated England team who don't really want to be there. No chance of fans travelling at the moment either.
  3. Yep. I've barely seen any mention of Simpson by their fans but, sure enough, there are more than a few of ours bringing him up in order to slag City off.
  4. The extra match practice and fitness told in the second half, SA were done after about 55 mins but the Lions still had loads left in the tank. AWJ looked like he could have played another 80, absolute machine.
  5. What questions would people have liked him to ask today, out of interest?
  6. I know my Dad saw them at Imperial a few times in the 60s, think he went to a game at Glastonbury as well. By the time I was growing up in the 90s it was just Bath and Weston.
  7. I agree with him. I wouldn't have Bairstow anywhere near the Test team either....
  8. It might be new teams but everything about the Oval Invincibles reeks of Surrey.
  9. Geoff being an ex-pro probably helps too.
  10. The feature on the BBC live text page that lets you give a thumbs up or thumbs down to each post stopped working during the game earlier. I'm sure it was a genuine technical hitch and absolutely nothing to do with the fact that almost every post was getting heavily downvoted.
  11. If you need another reason not to watch, BBC have Vaughan and Tufnell giving it the "how do you do fellow kids?" routine.
  12. He definitely did pre season here because he scored against Northampton in the cup before we loaned him out.
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