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  1. Yep, and it's not just our club either. Mostly people who shouldn't be allowed access to the internet without the supervision of a responsible adult.
  2. I bet Derby and Sheff Wed wish they'd stuck to it.
  3. I remain absolutely convinced that if we'd held on to win a couple of home games but drawn two of the away games that we won, there'd be nowhere near as much doom and gloom despite the fact that we'd have exactly the same number of points.
  4. I bore myself saying this. It's genuinely mental how people don't get it.
  5. What's the Arabic for Ageas Bowl?
  6. Can we not just call it quits at 2-0 now and everybody go home?
  7. So what is it then? Because it's not just started under NP, has it?
  8. YAY! And there it is. Took some time but we got there. Do you feel better now? No need to pretend you're supporting him anymore.
  9. The postponed fifth Test between England and India will be played at Edgbaston from 1-5 July next year. The series decider, due to be held at Emirates Old Trafford in September, was called off after India withdrew over Covid-19 concerns. The rearranged Test will count towards the outcome of the series, which India lead 2-1. Old Trafford will replace Edgbaston as the venue for the second Test between England and South Africa in August. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/cricket/59011364
  10. That 4-2 game in 2018 was odd because we actually played really well for the most part and created a lot of chances, but had a defensive meltdown for about 15 minutes in the first half which left us trailing 3-0.
  11. Let's be honest though, you consider everything to be damning on Pearson. Including the weather, the price of petrol and food shortages. Just admit you want him sacked instead of all these little digs.
  12. I can think of a couple of emojis that need binning as well.
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