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  1. Was Garner this season? He was particularly woeful!
  2. When did we stop caring... Around the Watford 6-0, I think. God give me strength.
  3. We are hopeless right now but relegation isn't gonna happen, too many teams between us & the trap door and too few games remaining for each & every one of them to catch/over-take us on current form.
  4. Think it's got to the point where one or two substitutions is likely to be insufficient to sort this absolute mess out!
  5. I think it’s fairly common knowledge. I’d think it somewhat harsh to judge NP vicariously through his son’s actions from a number of years ago. Can’t imagine he was jumping for joy at his son’s behaviour.
  6. Somerset I think, rather than Gloucs. Brother to PNE goalkeeping coach.
  7. Can't see them squirming out of it this time, must be a chance that they go down as rock bottom.
  8. Is LJ cracking up at the crucial moment?!
  9. Cooped up in a hotel away from family (+ pandemic) must be fairly grim, regardless of being a footballer hope things get sorted for him once he's back home with family etc.
  10. How long has V-shed been a 'Spoons?
  11. He's got a bit of form tbh, https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/10123425/james-maddison-casino-england/
  12. By their very nature Gas 'crowds' are forever socially distanced.
  13. A bit of a Tim Messenger
  14. Is that the lad who left the Gas under a cloud
  15. Which is ironic given that LJ was given four years and the benefit of the doubt post hideous losing runs yet poor old Nige, with his rep in the games, now looks as if a dozen games might be the ceiling!
  16. You can be independent and the focus of potential legal action - they aren't mutually exclusive, in fact probably more likely if you are truly independent. If the thread wasn't taken down, who is going to have the deeper pockets when it comes to solicitors & QCs if it got that far...OTIB or clubs owned by billion/millionaires. Bit of a no-brainer, don't want to go picking that hill to die upon, sounds like an expensive hill.
  17. This is a Board that not only appointed Dean Holden but then described him as the oustanding candidate or some such!!!
  18. Whistling Kettle - game must have boiled over.
  19. I still think he will sign on long term but I don't think I would blame him if he didn't.
  20. Exactly this, public policy dictates that in some circumstances those most intimately involved in matters will indeed have it taken out of their hands in pursuit of a greater good. However, I think it's getting a little too philosophical for a forum entitled 'Football Chat'.
  21. 999 calls can be fairly persuasive in these types of cases, and added to independent evidence (police), the CPS must have felt that there was a realistic prospect of conviction even w/out the original complainant supporting the prosecution. On another day that decision would have fallen on the other side of the fence, I don't know whether Miss Ward gave a statement then retracted or didn't provide one at all. However, somewhat academic if the CPS were thinking they could secure a conviction on the remainder of the available evidence.
  22. Is LJ related to DS Steve Arnott?!
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