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  1. Henry


    Absolutely awful. He offered Pring no protection and looked lost. As they attacked down our left for their goal, O’Dowda was wide right. I would not be disappointed to never see him play again.
  2. I enjoyed that assist just as much as a slick through ball. Pure determination to keep the ball, despite being fouled, and to lay it off. We wouldn’t have got that goal from a lot of the squad last season.
  3. Draw at home and win away, I’ll take that.
  4. Williams has been incredible. Sort of player who I expect realises these conditions.
  5. Henry


    Gregor is back then.
  6. I’d be more likely to listen if you swapped out Ian Gay for Ian Huntley.
  7. Losing and 3 subs due to injuries. Ah, the good ol’ days are back!
  8. Easily a pen. I’m not sure Rob needs to make that foul. I’d trust Bents in a one on one to save it.
  9. No way does he score that last season with Andy Rolls in charge of hamstrings.
  10. I would get some friends who aren’t shallow *****.
  11. There was a play by Fulham where they went wide and cut the ball to the centre. We've conceded penalty of goals this way, but Williams waited on the penalty spot and nicked it away.
  12. Conway is doing a decent job on comms. Could do with less of the sex noises when we miss a chance.
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