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  1. I think the fact the media haven’t asked for months is quite telling..
  2. Probably on sell in November in XS or XXL, sold out by bonfire night and won’t get anymore stock in.
  3. I know very little of him but perhaps he’s been signed to play a ‘Wagstaff’ role. Won’t be an 8/10 every week, but will be someone with energy, works hard, who can come in and play a run of games in different positions when needed.
  4. I’m not surprised, trying to sell a blue top with a city badge on. You’re lucky it was just a letter!
  5. https://www.facebook.com/groups/216839798346853/permalink/5350093998354715/ Right, who didn’t vote for Sarah B then?!
  6. You’re not even that sensible now.
  7. Best burger place open at lunchtime? I had a look back on the thread and saw a few. Some were closed for lunch or reviews a bit dodgy since lockdown. Wondered what the up the date list would look like.
  8. If they go down, Dyche might finally get the Everton job.
  9. Tell Josh Brownhill that the grass isn’t greener.
  10. Don’t think I’ve seen a young player as intense as him. Love it.
  11. Is it strange not to feel proud of your country?
  12. Such a shame the last two players to score 20 goals a season have played in poor sides, and not a City team pushing for play offs.
  13. I’d keep some of that 200k for the all the snags and issues you’ll have to fix!
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