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  1. It’s a fairly lazy accusation to bash TAA to say he is a poor defender. The guy is a Champions league winner and faced PSG, Barcelona and Bayern to win it. England are in the ridiculous position of having 4 quality right backs and they can’t all play. For me, I would leave out James (just) and take the other 3.
  2. Still intermittent for me, frustrating. Thanks for your efforts to fix the bug.
  3. Yes but you lost me at the line in bold.
  4. Job for @Harry and your team?
  5. Do you hate your wife that much?
  6. I can’t believe it took two journalists to write that story.
  7. Was Mark Ashton there in person to accept the award?
  8. I’m not saying Baker should be given a contract but I am enjoying watching him committing GBH on Toney
  9. Champagne moment going to Ashton was bottled then?
  10. Bristol City’s Jack Grealish
  11. Great post. He had the right ideas. Ignoring his history, would you have him back at City? I could see a role for him in recruitment or the academy.
  12. It wasn’t funny the first time you posted it.
  13. If Ashton leaving gets the most votes for champagne moment, will you actually announce it? @Blagdon red
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