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  1. 7 minutes ago, Alessandro said:

    Agree with all this, but even I could see that playing a right footed player on the left (with the disadvantages it brings) would be preferable to the complete and utter mismatch that was Towler and Sarr. 

    But then you still end up overplaying senior players. Hunt looks knackered most of the time. Hopefully Sessignon will soon be back to help and on the left we may have Nurse returning in the next week or two.

  2. 3 minutes ago, Abraham Romanovich said:

    Dare I say it an experienced manger would not find themselves in this situation.

    Out of interst you only seem to post when you are in a minority of one which is to be applauded but do you actually attend the football or do you just enjoy being contrary



    I have followed City for nearly 55 years and been a season ticket holder for most of those years. I used to go to most away games until I became too old to do all the driving.  These are views that I have held for many years.  I supported Alan Dicks when similar things were being said about him.  This dissatisfaction with managers is not new, and changes of manager do not seem to automatically guarantee success.  The only manager who I really hated was Pulis.  He was the experience winner that everyone seems to be calling for now.  Dean is in his first head coach job and is learning as he goes. Not many would do better with the current available players.  When the grass seems greener on the other side of the fence, maybe it is time to fertilise your own grass!

  3. 2 minutes ago, Taz said:

    You find a formation that fits the players that you have available to you, rather than being rigid and shoehorning players into positions they aren't comfortable with. How would you address it - without going around the houses to avoid answering the question? 

    Where would you play Nahki Wells, a proven striker at this level who was scoring goals for fun before we signed him last year?

    Would you play someone like Lansbury, an attacking midfield player? In a deep holding role which he has said himself he hates? 

    Would you play Williams, a player with about 2 hours of u23 football since last summer, from the start two games in a row? Irrelevant now really because he's injured again, but your opinion?


    Ple.se sketch out your plans. How to make sure that all round pegs are in round holes.  Williams must have seemed like an answer to a huge problem - but he was not fully ready. There would have been a discussion between Dean and Joe before selection.  Senior players like Lansbury should be more able to fill in at defencive midfield - especially as he is not the most mobile 

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  4. 1 minute ago, Taz said:

    But even with fit left footed players (as you seem to be so big on this fact) he still has no favoured formation, and we still play dull, crap football. 

    He was flogging half fit players even before the injury problems.

    He has learned most of what he knows from Lee Johnson, the master of baffling bullshit. Too much of it has rubbed off on him, and it's more of the negative stuff than the positive. The Johnson/Holden partnership was far from master and apprentice.

    So how would you solve the problem of a team with no left footers, no wide players and limited defensive options?

  5. 8 minutes ago, Alessandro said:

    I'm not sure I ever thought things would get this bad, even when over the first 10 games or so, I was one of those concerned by the performances, despite the results.

    I also called out Holden on his training processes, when our injury problems were "problems" - not a complete debacle. The comments early season about extra sessions so we could be the fittest team in the league and the reported 'competitive' 11 v 11 games in training midweek between games. Makes you ask the question, would an inexperienced head-coach making mistakes on the 'pitch' make them 'off' them too? 

    Yes the injuries mitigate to a certain extent, but when there have been so many, in the manner that so many of them happened, you have to admit it can't just be bad luck. For me the responsibility that needs to be taken for many of these injuries goes a long way to erase the 'bad luck' side of the debate. 

    People go on about Towler and the left side. It's a lazy excuse - we've only had to start the last 4 games without a recognised senior LB. We've lost 10 of our last 15: In fact take away the first 4 wins in the league, we've gone 25 games with a 56% loss ratio. We had left sided players for the majority of those games. So?

    Let's also add the fact that during this LB issue, we had a transfer window - yet brought in a CM. So we had 3 CM on the pitch against Watford and 3 more on the bench. Even with another 3 injured. Good planning?

    And let's be honest, how are we even debating this left back issue? Sorry, since when did a professional footballer become incapable of defending on the left if they're right footed?? Sorry, bull-shit. Fine, they're limited going forwards, cutting back to cross, but defending? Nonsense. Anyone of our fullbacks or CB's could play on the left and make a tackle or block a cross. 

    It's another in a long list of excuses rolled out. There has, at all times this season despite injuries, been enough quality in this squad, multi million pounds worth of signed 'talent' to be performing far, far better than we've seen.

    If the quality and quantity of players available do not matter - your logic seems to extend to the playing all youth players with the right management.  Of course injuries make a difference when they impact upon how the team plays.

  6. 1 minute ago, Taz said:

    People are condemning him because he looks like a rabbit in the headlights of a lorry!!

    He has:

    - No favoured formation.

    - No plan B

    - Unwillingness to change things when it's quite clear his original plan isn't working. By the time he's made changes it's too late.

    - Players being played out of position (yeah yeah sometimes through little choice, but explain why we're still trying to play Wells on a wing?)

    - The free flowing attacking football we were told he wanted to play (by himself no less), is nowhere to be seen. We weren't even that attractive to watch when we were top of the league all those months ago!!


    I agree, he may well end up being a better manager because of this experience. However it won't be at this club, or any other club at this level or above because he's out of his depth.

    I admire the fact that you have your opinion and views, and won't be swayed from them. It's more like blind faith I'm afraid to say though.


    There is no problem with us not being in agreement.  I reckon that Dean has to keep changing the formation because he has to adjust playing patterns to the squad that he has available. It seems very harsh to criticise him for having unbalanced teams when he has no left footers and is flogging half fit players week in and week out.

  7. 4 minutes ago, TonyTonyTony said:

    Of course you have to balance everything up - he has had a lot of injuries but that doesn't excuse the insipid performances. As others have mentioned this is a critical period : A run of games coming up that could see us being sucked into a relegation battle, and for me that's a battle we dont want to get into. Dean looks lost, and i think we need to be decisive and make a change. 

    Tony - you can change a manager but that does not solve the problem that we have 11 first teamers out, including all his left footed players. Those remaining are having to play through fatigue and frequently out of position.  A new manager would be faced with the same problems.  If we suffer any more injuries, we will soon be down to fielding youth players in this most difficult league.  The relegation battle is a threat. I just hope we meet two or three similarly injury hit clubs that enable us to get over the 50 points. We can regroup and refresh the squad over the summer and come again next season. I fear that that is the best we can hope for right now.  We are certainly not promotion candidated right now.

  8. 8 minutes ago, Nogbad the Bad said:

    The point is Bat Dean shouldn't ever have had a first season. Another bewildering choice by the powers that be.

    I'm sure you're a nice chap, a committed City supporter, and your heart is in the right place, but remember SL warned us not to get too attached to players.

    The same should apply to managers, and in your case you seem to support them endlessly just because they are the man SL appoints, however poor they are.

    That's not reason enough - SL can, and has on several occasions, made really poor choices, and when that becomes apparent again you have to put the good of the club (and sanity of the fans) above any personal liking for the individual and the wish for him to succeed, and call him out on it.

    Clearly time for a change, not only of the manager, but the set up that put him in place.

    I have always thought that clubs sack managers too easily. If they see that the chap has a good plan, then give him time for it to work.  Dean obviously has the necessary qualities because the people who know him really well have faith in him.  Then you must consider his current list of difficulties. I judge him on what he has in terms of quality - other seem to condemn him because of his injury crisis. Injuries pass - he will be a better manager for all this tough experience.  Hold hard I say!

  9. Just now, sh1t_ref_again said:

    Sorry sometimes you just have to accept he has fncked up

    That would be a reasonable assumption if you ignore the fact that he has lost the use of currently 11 first team players, including every left footed player in the club apart from the 18 year old Towler. We play in a league reckoned to be one of the most competitive in the World.  We are playing with huge disadvantages at the present time.

  10. 1 minute ago, sh1t_ref_again said:

    So whats the excuse for playing

     - Wells on the wing, where you can tell he is not happy and useless

    - Lansbury as defensive midfield, where he has previous told other managers that is not his position he is an attacking midfielder and he has been a liability there?

    I cannot know what Dean is thinking and do not know about the problems he faces with trying to get new and fringe players up to speed and trying to produce performances.  We have no width apart from through Hunt - and he seems to be knackered all the time.  Just because we are frustrated it does not mean the Dean is not also frustrated.

  11. 10 hours ago, BrizzleRed said:

    I completely get what the plan to develop young players, but as usual, we just dabble rather than really go for it.  If we really want to go that route, why don’t we employ a manager or head coach with a proven record of doing that and where has Dean shown he has what it takes?

    Problem is, it’s looking increasingly like this club doesn’t have a clue or real plan of where its going, so just resort to bullshitting the fans, saying yet again that we’re going to push for the top six each season, but never backing it up with any real intention. 

    I’m becoming increasingly convinced that they truly don’t believe what they’re actually saying and I neither can I see how our dour brand of football is going to develop any young player in a positive way. Look at Towler for instance, we’ve probably done him massive damage on Saturday and knocked his development back many months.

    Our seasons are starting to look like Groundhog Day, with the same scenario playing our year after year and the only consistency we’ve seen during that period is in drabness, lack of excitement and mediocrity    



    We HAVE recruited England youth coaches. They are experienced in bringing on young players.  At the same time, amid all the injuries, covid, financial constraints and the like - they are under pressure to get results. If we played all young players in this league, we would likely be relegated.  There has to be a balance of old and young and that is all thrown out of the window if you lose all your left footers and have to play half the team out of position.  Whilst they are struggling with all these difficulties, my solution is to understand their plight and support them. Others on here seem to want to give them a good kicking when they are down.  Our higher impact players will return at some stage and after they have been nursed back to full match fitness, we may well see a different type of performance on the pitch.

  12. 37 minutes ago, Taz said:

    This is where it seems like you're just trying to put some positive spin on things, and hoping for the best.

    We are told we plan 2 or 3 windows ahead, so can you explain the two windows that Holden has had?

    Williams, yes, I can believe that we intended on getting him in, and were just unfortunate with his injury. Who else have we bought into the club in the same timescale?

    Martin - useful when not being flogged to death, which has probably not helped his injury problems.

    Brunt - signed to be a voice in the dressing room and on the pitch. Signed mainly because of the link with Simpson (or Downing can't remember which). Injured. Contract cancelled.

    Lansbury - seems like a punt in the hope that he regains some form from previous seasons. Won't do that whilst playing out of position, and has already disappeared from the squad.

    Mawson - injured. Again. Early promise, but the last few games he played he looked a shambles. Mind you everyone around him haven't looked much better. Only signed because of his injury record and the fact that Fulham won't risk him in their team.

    Sessegnon - not wanted by Fulham in their squad. Haven't seen enough of him because, shock horror, he's been injured.

    Mariappa - signed as emergency cover at CB and then played out of position seemingly everywhere bar CB! People then wonder why he looks so bad.

    If we've planned to sign these players, bearing in mind 2 are on loan from Fulham so wouldn't have been on the radar as likely signings so to speak, then there's something wrong with our transfer planning.

    3 of those 7 players are over 30 and will have little to no resell value (Ignoring the fact that Brunt is no longer here. We signed him though). Another 2 aren't even our players, so that leaves Williams and Lansbury. Is the hope that Lansbury finds some form from yesteryear and we can flip him for a few million?  Again, Williams is one to watch once he's not injured. That could be a great signing. Otherwise that, I'm extremely sorry to say, is absolutely terrible transfer planning.

    You can argue that "Dean" is playing people out of position because of injuries and he has little choice other than playing youngsters until you're blue in the face, however what you can't defend is his lack of a backup plan when things are going wrong. The fact that he has no preferred formation, and this fast flowing attacking football we were promised is actually just waffle learned from his previous teacher!! As for the transfers......

    Dean has been very unfortunate with injuries.  Mawson, Baker, Brunt, O'Dowda, Dasilva, Rowe, Pring and currently Nurse.   Apart from O'Dowda we did not have a left footed midfield player and maybe Dean thought we needed some experience in the squad to help the youngsters progress.  Mariappa was always too short to be a real stopper at centre half and too slow to be a marauding wing back. Obviously not long term - as with Brunt - but plenty of experience.  The fact that players are played out of position is clearly due to the fact that he has no left footed players apart from Towler currently available.  We don't know how many players are playing with minor injuries and they are really under pressure.  Yes I hope for the best but also see that it is hard to add to the squad right now - only out of contracts would help, and we may well be up against the financial restrictions that penalise clubs like ours in the current circumstances of covid and no income from crowds.

    Plans for future transfer windows must take account of players coming through that the coaches think will succeed.  Dean has been fire fighting since he came into the job and has hardly had a good run. The best indication of what he could do, was at the start of the season when he had more senior players available. 

    Maybe a little prayer is not such a bad idea right now. 

  13. 1 minute ago, BrizzleRed said:

    No really can’t agree with you that we’d be a draw for decent managers.  

    It’s been dicussed to death on here and I’d completely agree with those who say that any manager who values their reputation and wants to do the job they’re paid to do, while trying to recruit the players they want, rather than given, are going to steer well clear of us.

    We’ve created this management structure and are now reaping the very dubious ‘benefits’ of that I’m afraid.  We’ve probably reduced our potential pool of managers to ones from a lower league who fancy a shot at the Championship and the associated salary, rather than anyone with a genuine record of success at our level.

    Miracles may happen and Dean comes good and I really hope he does, but we also heard all that about LJ and it just didn’t happen.  Dean certainly isn’t giving any clues that he’s got it in him.

    We are trying to build our own players via the academy and either sell them or embed them into the team. It is not a short term approach and some managers may not wish to operate such a system.  When up against clubs with parachute payments, either SL digs even deeper into his pockets or tries to implement the current strategy.  We have not done too badly when you consider the quality of some of the relegated teams,

  14. 1 minute ago, bris red said:

    I tell you what my friend keeping Dean Holden and his management team will cause even more disruption and expense as the only place we are heading is league one with the current set up - if not this season but next. The players aren’t fighting for him and to be honest i think they have lost faith in the coaching staff , that was evident yesterday..  

    We need a change and we need it now. Nobody wants to see us constantly chopping and changing managers but the football is absolutely atrocious and has been for months. Forget the injuries that is a cop out, Holden and his staff had more than enough experience and quality available yesterday and in the months gone by to produce better performances than they have. It’s simply not been good enough..

    We are all disappointed with the current situation but with the players available we will struggle until we can get some back from injury. Sadly it will the take time to get them up to speed and with so many games back to back, there is always the risk if further injuries if brought on too quickly. I fear that we will have to grit our teeth and go through a few more weeks of sub-standard performances.

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  15. 2 minutes ago, BrizzleRed said:

     I’ve got some sympathy with Dean, but every manager and head coach has had to deal with the Covid situation too.  As for the injury crisis, we’ve got plenty of past form on this and imho, that can’t just be put down to bad luck and is an indication of an underlying problem.  Clearly, both those situations are beyond DH’s control, but they are making his job more difficult than it would otherwise be

    What he can’t hide from though is the shambolic tactics and team selections, which aren’t always down to not having the right players available.  He’s now giving a very good impression of a Lee Johnson Mk 2, though thankfully without the nausiating after match rambling and excuses.

    I personally think the problems in this club are running far deeper than Dean Holden, even though I was completely against his appointment.  To be honest, I’ve gone past caring whether he stays or goes now, as I’ve got zero confidence that even if Dean is made the sacrificial lamb, there will be any effort to get anyone any better in his place.  

    We’ve now backed ourselves into a place where no decent manager will touch us with a very long barge pole!

    I think we would be a great gig for many able managers - but we have Dean and he is facing incredible challenges at the present time.  We have not seen the best of him or his team because we have not seen half his team for months. We are clearly constrained by finances but the so are around half of the teams in our league.  We do seem to get an awful lot of severe hamstring problems and that might warrant further investigation.

  16. 1 minute ago, Ska Junkie said:

    Do you trust MA or in particular DH to have the right plans in place Sir?

    There is nobody else to trust right now. Love the one you're with!

    Just now, Fordy62 said:

    For me ‘getting through this season’ is fiddling while Rome burns. 

    Then come up with a plan to restore some of our left footed and pacey players!

  17. 4 minutes ago, Fordy62 said:

    Then you must be the most pessimistic chap to ever walk the earth. 

    Im struggling To think Of anyone who’d do worse currently. 

    Fordy - it may be true! I have been called a miserable bastard.  My view is that we need to get through this season, stay up and then regroup in the summer. For me, that is quite optimistic.

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  18. 1 minute ago, Ska Junkie said:

    You're valiant attempt is not making me feel particularly positive Mr Fastard.

    Maybe Dean is being fed to the wolves while any new incumbent has a clearer reset with so many players out of contract?

    There is certainly an issue somewhere but where does that lie in your opinion Sir?

    We are told that we plan two or three transfer windows in advance, so I hope there is a master plan.  We seem to lack pace and penertation and I would like to see these qualities brought into the team. The returns of Sasilva, O'Dowda and Weimann would help.  Hunt looks to struggle if he plays consecutive games - but his is a difficult position at his age.  I would expect to see a rebuilding in the summer, subject to financial constraints.  MA will have plans afoot and is probably lining up the players right now. Time to have faith!

  19. 1 minute ago, sh1t_ref_again said:

    Your missing my point, we were a shambles before Rowe got injured, so you keep on about no LB is a red herring.

    Why have we not got a LB in, was it down to DH or MA or SL, none of us know so giving the benefit of the doubt in that.

    He cannot get a team to play well with or without a LB

    If you include O'Dowda as a potential wing back, we have four more left backs in the squad - all with either long term injuries or back in the next few weeks.  Another body has to be paid and maybe the recoveries have not gone as well as hoped - time will tell. As fans, we are likely to be the last to be informed.

  20. 2 minutes ago, Ska Junkie said:

    Would it be miraculous though Mr Fastard? ;)

    Stranger things have happened Sir.

    Sadly the surgeons knife is less forgiving and time is needed to heal and rehabilitate.  Prayer may be all we have right now - so don't knock it!!

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  21. 1 minute ago, BrizzleRed said:

    In all fairness Bat, the same thing has been said for the past few seasons, when we’re waiting for injured players to return. When they do eventually get back, the performances normally go from bad to worse.  The problem is this year, the slump started even earlier than usual.

    Not just Dean Holden’s fault though and there seems to be an all-round team efforts of failures, from players, medical team, head coach, plus the hesd honchos above.

    Ironically, it now looks like we’ve got everyone pulling in the same direction, but unfortunately that is by doing their jobs consistently badly, as evidenced by dire performances on the pitch and our horrendous injury list and recovery management and it’s taking the club backwards at an alarming rate.

    Dean's first season has coincided with covid and a massive injury crisis.  I am not at all surprised at his current plight but would still like to see him given longer.  I could not see a different manager achieving much more in current dire circumstances.

  22. 2 minutes ago, Ska Junkie said:

    Does anyone think some of, most certainly not all, these injuries would suddenly clear up with a respected Manager in place?

    Just something that's been bothering me.

    Well there is past precedent for people picking up their beds and walking!

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  23. 4 minutes ago, sh1t_ref_again said:

    You keep on about injuries, we know so have other teams also they have had to play the same number of games. We dont know why DH did not bring in a LB, but that is only the last 2 games we have been woeful for ages even when we have had enough fit players, to give teams a game.

    Sorry DH has not got a clue and problems are much bigger than caused by the injuries.

    So how would you suggest he deals with the lack of left footed players?  Young Towler was up against a £40m player on his debut at the age of 18 and playing out of his normal position.  

  24. 1 minute ago, sh1t_ref_again said:

    If only it was about the last games, but we have been shocking for the last 2 months. Constant swapping players even when they have a good game, players played out of position, substutions once its to late, the list goes on

    He is a nice guy but not a manager

    The injury crisis has been with us for most of the season.  I bet dean would love to be able to pick from his full squad.  Since Tommy Rowe got injured, there have been no left footed options so several players have to play in unnatural positions.  We do not know which players are also carrying knocks and soldiering on for the team.  From the position of a fan, the only logical thing to do is to support our club and not kick players and staff when they are down.  For the first few matches we were near the top and people were very complimentary.  Many now seem like fair weather friends.



  25. 1 minute ago, sh1t_ref_again said:

    At no point has DH looked like he could get us playing the attractive attacking football he promised. Injurues accepted, tired played agreed but he sends out teams devoid of any shape, cohesion, tactics or playing to players strengths.

    Will go down as one of our worst managers ever, and only hope SL sees sense before he take a us down.

    He send out teams that are lopsided because there are no left footed players and gaps are filled with very young and inexperienced players, who are not sufficiently protected by the tired and overwhelmed senior players.  We have another potential crisis at centre half - do we take ZV from midfield and leave a weakness there?  Dean is just having to grind through the games at present. Hopefully we will meet two or three teams that are similarly stricken so that we get the points needed to survive.  Returning players will have very little time to get up to speed - very difficult after months on the side lines.

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