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  1. The goal they scored also shouldn’t have stood, and Lincoln had a goal wrongly disallowed for offside…hardly a battering
  2. Decent chunk of people after Wednesday saying Bentley isn’t that good and O’Leary should be number 1
  3. Just seen another video, he got to the end of that stand & then went BACK the other way to lap it up again. What a ******* weirdo
  4. **** dissecting that game tactically & forget Bentley performing heroics to keep us in it. Those scenes after the Wells goal are exactly what everyone needed after so long without football with crowds. Unreal
  5. Know they have to count STs in the official attendance but No way there was 16k there today, 14k tops
  6. How the **** they only scored 1 is a real mystery
  7. https://www.eadt.co.uk/sport/ipswich-town/ashton-on-itfc-and-financial-fair-play-8304716 sorry if it’s already been posted, but highly recommend this 45 min chat. Absolute gold from start to finish. So much total gash/lies and referring to himself in the third person
  8. Sorry for the sound issues all. Was fine recording so dunno what happened when converting it. Actually The fact me and Harry were fine and Dave was the loud one makes it Dave’s fault. Everyone aim the anger at Dave. **** sake Dave.
  9. Pointless making comparisons between what Palmer ‘is’ and ‘could be’ if the only times we’re ever gonna see him play is crammed in at left wing.
  10. Stan’s camping in the wilderness this weekend, so OSIB #168 has me hosting, joined by Dave and Harry to discuss the Preston game. Was 0-0 a point gained or two lost? Are we behind the Pearson bus? Can Chris Martin become the new Beckham? links to listen in all the usual places - feedback and opinions welcome as ever https://linktr.ee/osibpodcast x
  11. Joey Barton has had enough btw. Watch his post match. His body language is totally shot to pieces, head down and constantly shrugging his shoulders. Think he knows the mess he’s in now
  12. Someone remind me too never get excited for a home game after international break ever again
  13. I see they succumbed 19 shots and 14 clear chances against (keeper needing to make 7 good saves) to scrape that 1-0 win. Quite enjoying the papering over the cracks it seems to have made for them
  14. The man said he has people writing letters to him
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