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  1. God, Lorde is so amazing
  2. LJ replace him, with the cagey excuse of ‘Wade didn’t come through an academy so we need someone with that experience’ Ive always maintained LJ felt very threatened by him. Brilliant young coach. Loved by the fans and the staff. LJ was coming off the back of an awful season at the time, so imo felt Wade was a ready made successor to him in the building
  3. Ahhh the old camo trick. Cheers guys
  4. Am I missing something, what’s with this ‘Robin has landed’ thing? That new robin emblem on the tweet isn’t anywhere on the kit is it?
  5. Hunt was on not far off £20k p/w tbf
  6. I’m not so sure I buy into the narrative when people say that he did nothing to warrant a permanent deal whilst on loan with us. Scored on his debut, hugely involved in Fam’s winner at Forest, brilliant assist for Weimann’s second at Sheff Utd, scored what should’ve been a winner against Wigan, totally changed the game away at Millwall penultimate game of that season. Don’t get me wrong, not enough to warrant £3.5m, but that’s on Ashton. Definitely not needed after signing Szcmodics. That’s on LJ & Ashton. When you’ve got the manager publicly saying he wants you, the club gives you a 4 year deal, and within months you have the manager blaming you for awful team performances after playing about 9 minutes (Shrewsbury away), it makes a mockery of the whole thing. Don’t think it was the wrong signing at all, but definitely signed at the wrong time and for far too much cash. Again, that’s not on the player imo
  7. Being announced today by all accounts
  8. 2 days until joey’s latest court case. Wonder how he’ll try squirm out of this one
  9. I was literally just thinking, imagine how Bakinson felt walking back in. Probably pretty embarrassed. Must’ve felt like just hiding in a bush.
  10. Nige - “Ryley I thought you were struggling in the early runs, what happened there?!?! Must be all the doors, I dunno”
  11. Something about the first day of pre season content that is so great. Like the first day of the season generally. Can’t imagine those lads driving up to Failand today without a cloud in the sky going to ‘work’ as a footballer. Mustve felt ******* great
  12. Oh god I don’t, was just making the point
  13. you should have a look through Tomas Kalas’ Instagram if you think Palmer ‘lacks class’….!!
  14. I think hell would freeze over before Taylor Moore ever played for LJ again..!
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