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  1. surely BCFC can afford some decent cameras for the Robins TV coverage. the current cameras seem unable to cope with the contrast when there's sunlight and shadow. Camera tech is pretty damn good these days, so lord knows what they're using. Betamax probably.
  2. sorry if this is covered elsewhere. my OTIB window is coming up shades of grey now (not red) - is this an intentional rebrand? I'm using Firefox on an Imac.
  3. i also think that he sees a number of our youngsters are worth pushing into the squad. (and TBF he's right with the likes of Scott etc) having an army of senior pro's keeping them out made no sense.
  4. Bob Taylor up front. Rob Newman at the back Gary Shelton in the MF and Elvis (Keith Welch) in Goal
  5. never learnt to drive. The balaclava and sawn off shotgun were probably the wrong choice that day Tone.
  6. This is a really good point. I always planned to retire as early as possible, but when the reality of the situation hit home - i started to realise that a slow descent into retirement would be a better route. So working a 4 day week for a while, then 3, then look to give it up. (I will add i run my own company, so have the luxury of that choice) that period of 'ramp down' would let me settle into a different routine and get used to having more time. Getting my head around what retirment actually meant put me out of kilter for a good year or so, i've always worked for myself, so always had that background worry about keeping going, but ironically when faced with that chance to stop, i re evaluated just what my work meant in terms of keeping me going. (and definately pay for some advice - it seems painful to have to cough up, but it makes your decision making much clearer. a good advisor will map out excatly what your options are and how they change over a projected retirment timeline.)
  7. the very first game he played at the Gate, he blocked a shot and let the ball bounce off him striaght to their player, who gratefully slotted it in. he did this a lot - never actually 'stopping' anything, more like getting in the way and having the ball bounce off him anywhere. he never seemed to hold the damn ball.
  8. https://youtu.be/n4OzPrskdqU Keegans bike handling skills were appalling it looked like he'd never been on a bike before.
  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/58164406 he's always been a pain to play against for us. interested to see how he gets on.
  10. or as Alexei Sayle used to call it. shopping at 'fat bastard'
  11. a little less talk and a lot more action - Hank Williams Jr
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