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  1. It’s a stupid chant, but banning people ffs
  2. Lee Johnson wouldn’t have looked out of place in that midfield last night. How scary is that?
  3. Since he didn’t learn his lesson from his last bout of community service, perhaps a custodial sentence will make him see the error of his ways.
  4. Can the player be done for successful deceiving of the referee or whatever the retrospective charge is called?
  5. Tammy on the pitch celebrating, will he get a medal?
  6. No space in the squad for Tammy Abraham, a real shame
  7. There’s probably nothing in it but perhaps because he was poached from non-league by Barnet rather than come through a big clubs academy makes him a little more grounded and maybe grateful for his (well deserved) success. One of my favourite players over the last few years.
  8. He’ll be up shit creek if he does his metatarsal tomorrow, why would he give 100% in such circumstances? Should be training with the youngsters and out of the squad til he moves on.
  9. They’ll surely be gone today won’t they?
  10. The first ESL game that takes place in England should be completely disrupted by fans of all clubs. Turn up en mass, block the roads surrounding the ground so the away team can’t even get to the stadium, block the turnstiles, stop the refs getting in, everything. And make sure the club get billed an absolute fortune by the police. Encourage stewards not to turn up so the game’s safety certificate is withdrawn. I’m sure there are plenty more methods too.
  11. Just listened to the Danny Mills episode of Undr the Cosh podcast and he said Joey Barton mocked the death of his son. Hope the Gas go down and keep going, with that ***** either in charge or in prison.
  12. A great way to bounce back, that's the perfect role for him. Keeps his championship credentials without the risk of another tough job in the hot seat. Wish him the very best.
  13. A creditable draw completely undone by thumping away wins for Wimbledon and Wigan further in the shit, and one less game to beat the drop (and even worse goal difference to overcome)
  14. Probably keeping his head down and enjoying the wage, he’ll never get a better one (not a slight on Dean, a genuine guy who I wish well)
  15. cheers, that's the sort of context that needs putting out there. I was at the PO final that day but it didn't scream of a game that Lita could come on and change, in fact if we'd played 900 minutes that day I doubt we'd have scored.
  16. “The team have defenitly miss our away support as we always travel in numbers and are very vocal at away games”
  17. Anywhere I can read more on this situation? In hindsight it seems crazy.
  18. “He’ll improve us (if fit enough)” He’d improve you if he was wheelchair-bound you idiot.
  19. It was eventually deleted as that was a season where we started poorly but got our act together and ended up mid-table, whereas they started well but fell away and ended up getting relegated. What a bunch of plonkers.
  20. Should be 6 years in prison. Same for Platini and Beckenbauer
  21. They’re coming for U’s (Colchester United)
  22. Bizarre that a platform built on computers and ideal for crunching numbers could get it wrong!
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