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  1. My guess is around 15,000 actual attendance. Will be interesting to see what the club announce though. I'm 80/20 to go atm but that could change by match time, either way.
  2. Can still remember nights at the Princess Royal, St. Lukes Rd when you could have 4 pints bitter and 10 fags with change from ten Bob (50p). You could get 4 gallons of petrol and 4 shots of Redex for £1. City games were 1 shilling, (5p) and you could get in free at half time to watch the second half. I think reserve games were free but I might have that bit wrong.
  3. Real battles between him and Big John. RIP
  4. My feeling over the past 18 months is that football doesn't matter a jot. There are far more important things in life, and that has been brought home with a bump during the pandemic. Some sports appear to be above the need for concern, football, horseracing, tennis, cricket, snooker, even the Olympics seem to operate outside the guidance. So Gareth is right to put things into perspective. Having said that I shall be watching and cheering England on against Italy on Sunday...but whatever the result, Monday will be just another day living with Covid.
  5. Considering we released a dozen after last season that team looks worryingly familiar.
  6. I'd be happy with that apart from possibly getting showered with beer every time city scored. (I know that's not often) Where did the idea of wasting good ale come from anyway?
  7. I've gone Denmark too. Not sure why, just a feeling. I think anyone can win it though.
  8. marmite


    RIP Scooter. Condolences to all his family and friends. He was great mates with my ex son in law Pete Davies, another one we lost far too early. There is some great support in that stand in the sky. Best wishes from all Petes ex family.
  9. Remind you of another team Tone?
  10. I rather think Southgate is hoping to progress without using all his best players early. Hence his strange selections so far. Risky strategy but we should progress whatever.
  11. That will be a big call from Boris. I just hope he is brave enough to make it. Let's start getting back to normal again.
  12. One things for sure, we don't have a stand out candidate at the club at the moment. Hopefully, as others have said, he is yet to arrive. The job is different today though and it doesn't have to be the biggest, loudest player. No one springs to mind for me from the present bunch.
  13. Football fans and alcohol have never mixed well, especially during covid as was seen at the recent England Scotland game. Having said that I'm all for full attendance come August subject to health/double jab confirmation. I think the time has come to just get on with it if we take the sensible precautions. Time is running out for us older ones.
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