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Basement Rovers Dustbin Thread


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Made me laugh!


Terrible game though, it was like watching two drunks fighting over who produced the biggest pile of puke outside the strip club #stfc
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Nowt wrong with that on a Saturday of course
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1 hour ago, JackofromSanJavier said:

And the Gas NEVER question their current manager (whoever that may be at the time....)

Post by RoverDrive on 20 minutes ago

Obviously only 1 game but unbelievably worrying signs today.

1) One of the worst displays of the last decade
2) Late substitutions - we were crap at 0-0, then we go a goal down and still nothing
3) When we finally do, we bring on 2 defenders

I mean this is ******* basic stuff.

The fact is we were warned about this by both Exeter and MK Don's fans. 

Doesn't mean he won't improve or turn it round obviously. But that is the most alarming management display I could have ever imagined. The stuff of nightmares doesn't even cover it. 

Unbelievably concerned. 


One of the worst displays of the last decade. I mean that’s quite some feat when you think of some of the teams they’ve lost to in last 10 years 

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22 minutes ago, Sheltons Army said:

Ahhhhhh .......the old ‘Alex Ferguson one’...



Manager loses first game ................compare to Sir Alex Ferguson......

Yep that’s it .........



The same Sir Alex who had won the Cup Winners cup with Aberdeen before taking on the Man Utd role, ridiculous comparison!

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1 hour ago, Ronnie Sinclair said:

When I first saw the assist for Pitman goal was from 'Smith' I'd hoped it was Johnny Smith, but it wasn't (that would have been too much for my ribs to take)

Actually the assist was from Matt Smith.  Not the same one I'm afraid.  That would have been just too sweet. 

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8 minutes ago, redsquirrel said:

isnt that the pub team on redhill?

No no... 

Easy mistake to make... But they are playing the Darlington that are the other lower league team that have had a new stadium since Rovers last constructed anything other than a tent. 

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53 minutes ago, Banned User said:

PT will be seen as the biggest mistake made the board when we get relegated this season. Need to get rid of him asap.It was a knee jerk decision getting rid of BG and the same applies to the appointment of PT

Nothing like giving a new manager a bit of time - what`s he had, 48hrs with the team?

Their loyal and true fans don`t get on the manager`s back though - that post must be from a ted interloper.

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  • The title was changed to Basement Rovers Dustbin Thread

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