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Another Red has sadly died - Beezer *funeral details*

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Sad news , a true red and obviously particularly personal to you Dolly so really sincere condolences 

(I didn’t  know him,  but can tell you he would have been so proud about your words , how you regarded him and your relationship)


If I despise anything in life it’s that ******** disease , it’s absolutely ripped my family , and me apart in last few years

RIP Martin , Keep the Red Flag flying mate 

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44 minutes ago, Dollymarie said:

Hi all,

On football season eve, another Red has sadly passed away. Beezer (Martin Bees) was diagnosed with terminal cancer during the close season, and sadly passed away in St Peters Hospice yesterday evening. 

He was secretary of the SC&T and a very familiar face around the ground. I’m sure people will recognise him from the pictures below. 

From a personal perspective, he was my football dad, and in many ways had been more of a dad to me than my actual one, in recent years. 

Funeral details to be announced in due course. 

Night night Beezer :( x





One of the nicest, funniest, definatley loudest 😀 guys i ever new from the supporters club.

He will be sorely missed by his football friends and family.

God bless x



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That is terribly sad news. I got to know Beezer well during my time as SLO. A genuinely lovely, kind man. I used to call into the SC&T bar as part of my pre-game matchday rounds, and even though he knew I was 'on duty', he was always trying to buy me a pint. I'll raise a glass to him tonight. Please let me know about the funeral arrangements Marie.

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That's a dissapointing bit of news at this time of year, used to sit in front of me in the Atyeo and then the SS always happy to say hello, occasionally saw him on the news coming out of the court rooms (representing someone) instantly recognisable. 

A big loss to the Bristol City family. 

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Sad news........I only heard yesterday that Martin was seriously ill and now he’s passed, what a shocker.

I new him really well with him being a Nailsea resident and would frequently chat with him in the SC&B before games. I’m gonna miss him especially on a matchday.

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