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Bristol R*vers dustbin thread


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If this is of red trousers today at Wembley, then it's the biggest political gaffe, since Clegg and tuition fees.

It is.

He also tweeted from the ground.

He only congratulated us on winning the title about three days after it happened, yet some on here claim he's a City fan...

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Oh come on, how isnt this funny?

I get too watch them 'celebrate ' promotion BACK to division 4.

Its hilarious.

Touche... When ever i start to feel even the tiniest bit of sympathy for the Sags i often close my eyes for a brief moment and imagine if the tables were turnt.

There shit pit of a hovel is being re-developed into a plush new ground, somehow doughnut Nick Higgs has amassed a fortune and they had just won the League 1 title and JPT, all whilst ourselves had slipped out of League football without a pot to piss in with a ramshackle old ground and are now over the moon we have clinched a spot back in the FOURTH tier.. Now could you ******* imagine the scenes from them? Could you? Its not often i feel physically sick by the thought of something but jesus christ it dont doubt for a second the shite we would get from them would be monumental.. So really in conclusion i wish every failure on the ***** and hope they go back down next season, never ever feel any sympathy for those lot, ever!

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What was the attendance today? Gas heads on twitter claiming Rovers took 46k today!!!!

They would, wouldn't they?

Take away about 20,000 from their claims and you've got your figure, not bad at all...for someone like FLEETWOOD.

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Reports coming through on Twitter that rovers fans attacked our futsal team on the way home after we won futsal cup. They threw drinks at them, let down minibus tyre, and threatened violence. Disgraceful.

Sorry for my ignorance , but what is futsal? Delighted that we won the cup.

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Their player Mansell (??), just claimed on BBC the 15ers are a club that has Premier League support.

yes Mansell said Bristol Rovers are bordering a premier league club with 30000 gas heads (thought it was 25k) there today.

2018/19 Bristol Derby in the Premier League then

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