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The Office (UK): Ipswich Town edition


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18 players over 25.

Cook used the size of Ipswich's bloated squad and number of loanees as an excuse for their poor performance after he came in last season. At the start of this summer he said he wanted and was looking forward to working with a smaller, more tight knit squad as that's far more conducive to getting performances and results.

Since then they've filled and exceeded reasonable squad numbers again and used their full allocation of loan spots. Either Cook's arse has fallen out, he's that drunk that he doesn'tremember what he's said or Ashton has morecontrol of their transfer activity than Cook does.

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This is already starting to look like us all over again while Ashton was here.  I know Ipswich didn’t exactly set the division slight last season, but surely they didn’t need this many new signings.  

MA is increasingly looking like that shopaholic who gets a buzz out of buying new things, but after a short time, they don’t feel new any more and he just wants to go out and buy more.

I’m sure their fans are lapping it up, as under Mad Mick, the old owners kept the purse strings very tight.  Once the reality sinks in that they are lumbered with a team of misfits, they won’t be so happy.

Ok, he could surprise us and actually make more of a go of it with a strong manager in place, but after witnessing the total train wreck he turned our club into, I certainly wouldn’t put any money on it and can only see a few years of pain coming up for ITFC fans.

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1 minute ago, Marco the red said:

Have very little time for teams who try and buy a league, add in mark ashton would would very amusing to see them not go up.

Mark ashton is interested in mark ashton 

Absolutely mate.  

I’ve got nothing against Ipswich and actually think of them as a proper football club.  

That said, now they’ve got that parasitic slimeball there, I won’t be wishing them any good fortune whatsoever.

I put him on a par with agents as the most destructive, self centred scum of the football world.


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4 hours ago, italian dave said:

It starts to suggest that the strategy of just signing loads of players in the hope that they fit together and/or one or two saleable assets emerge may have been more down to Ashton’s influence than Johnson’s?

I would have liked to have seen Johnson without Ashton.

I suppose we'll only know judging by whether Sunderland fly past us on the way to the Prem, or whether he gets sacked mid season for being off the pace


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On 06/08/2021 at 18:25, miser said:

I'm a Guardian reader, but christ they do write some crap at times. I suspect the author didn't actually visit Ipswich. 


I was a reporter once. It is never your job to call someone an arsehole in your stories.

But you can give the reader a hint of their personality in the selection of quotes from that person you run.

I did similar with a particular [non-West Country] council leader on many occasions. Except his quotes made him sound like Kim Jong Un rather than David Brent. 

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1 hour ago, AshtonYate said:

This is so cringe


Not a picture of the new signing, its a picture of himself!!!!!!!!!



"Welcome back to Ashton, um, sorry Ipswich Town young man. If there's anything you need to know about football, life or the universe, I'm your man. This fella? This is Paul, he'll be your manager for the next few weeks"


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