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The best team definantly lost IMO

Basso didn't need to make one save but the one shot he needed to save went in

Pretty horrific defending; i know that Campbell is a handful but ALL our defenders !!??

Didn't even look at the shot for Windass just looked at the Hull fans, pretty much knew it was in

Orr injury didn't help but maybe GJ could of brang on Vasko and stuck Carey Rb ?

Trundle didn't shine today, Dele had a shocker IMO kept losing the ball and fluck on a ball to no one

Nick Carle well what a game

Deserved a goal when he ran through about 4 players then tried to toe poke it home but it wasn't to be

I don't think we are friends with Play-Off finals !

Heres to next year :englandsmile4wf:

Keep Believing

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Guest RyanBCFC

I think the better team lost today too, but no complaints, good luck to hull next year.

I thought our makeshift defence was pretty good today considering mccombe and orr out.

I wouldnt have liked vasko against campbell because of the speed difference.

Mccindoe and Adebola had their worst games for the club today unfortunately.

Oh well, when theres a winner theres a loser and unfortunately that was us today, but we've won many more than expected avent we ?

Just think back to August 11th home to QPR, who would have expected this eh ?

What a season.

Just keep positive and remember what a season we've had.

August cant come quick enough ! :englandsmile4wf::fingerscrossed::city:

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