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Thanks For A Great Season

Eddie Hitler

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Well who would have thought it?

Virtually the whole season in a play-off or promotion position.

Last season's players able to take the step up and how.

Some great signings. Overall I'd say McIndoe was the best.

Great manager with superb support from the board.

And a final game in front of 90,000 at Wembley.

Thanks for a great season.

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I'll 'fourth' that. It's been a great season of entertaining football. So unlucky yesterday but we eventually fell to a cracking goal from Hull's Dean Windass. With the people we've now got at the helm of this football club Bristol City FC being Champions of the Championship next season is achievable.

Even though we didn't get the result we all wanted, thank You Bristol City FC for our great day out at Wembley.

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I'll "sixth" that!

Every player gave it their all, (unlike 4 years ago), so they all deserve credit where credit is due, and surely exceeding everyones' expectations in getting as far as we got, in our first season back here!

Dean Windass's winner was a quality goal to win any game, but I think it was just unfortunate that Bradley Orr was all over the place in ultimatelty a defensive mix-up, after he suffered a fractured cheekbone, but there was nothing he could have done about it, and it was bravery which cost him the rest of the game, so I hope he gets a speedy recovery!

I "believe" that we can build on this for next season, providing we maintain the core of what got us here in the first place!

Come on you Reds!!! (for the 08/09 season)

Up the City!!! :fingerscrossed:

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9th - a fantastic season, if someone said to me before the season started that we would be in the play off final at wembley in may i would of laughed my pants off, I'm sure that the mighty reds will be fighting for a place in the prem next season.


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Thankyou Steve ladnsdown

Thankyou Gary Johnson

Thankyou Players

I feel so proud to be a Bristol City fan despite the defeat. We are very lucky to have you all at our football club and have given us a wonderful season!

Lets push onwards and upwards for next season and ensure we become a promotion challenger again, and every year until we make it to the Premier League!

And thankyou fans for what seems to be a very positive attitude, In many dissapointments before theis forum has turned into one big moan. Lets remember what we've achieved, keep positive, and ALWAYS BELIEVE!

City till i die :city:

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This season exceeded my wildest expections, with a trip tp new Wembley the icing on the cake. ..

roll on next season, with a chance to visit the few away grounds i missed this year.


I've also met a few new mates this season, which added to the fun..

bring on the new fixture list so I can start planning more away adventures.


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someone pass this onto the club/manager/players... I'm so pleased the fans are getting behind the team and being positive despite such a great dissapointment.

take a rest boys and girls and as the players re-charge their batteries lets re-charge our vocal chords ready to roar the boys onto the prem next season

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A truly remarkable season. We would have been over the moon with mid table and have instead spent the entire season in the top 6.

So, so proud of all the lads and the gaffer, I just hope they know what they have achieved, no matter how difficult the defeat yesterday is to take.


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I was very tempted to com online yesterday but thought id best wait (like most) to wait for the initial shock and depression of losing to sink and really take stock of what happened.

I said at the start of the campaign that I would of be happy just to survive first season and predicted a healthy 13th position so finishing 4th, being in the top 6 all season and having a squad, manager and backroom staff ready to push on next year fills me with optimism. Other reasons for optimism includes two key players coming into good form this year who could be big players for us......Trundle and Carle. We've seen in this division you need players with high skill and creativity and with these two in our side we have a great chance next season. Players such as McIndoe and Elliott have been great signings but ultimatley Trundle and Carle playing at their best could be the difference for us.

There will be players leaving yes and they've all done a good job for us in some way.... but its time to move forward, release 6-8 players and bring in 4-5 quality players.

* Striker - quick, strong and have the ability to run at players.

* Right Midfield- Sproule has not been the signing that we hoped he would be, and with Wilson, Betsy and Murray prob going we need some competition for him.

* Centre Midfielder - I may get slated for this but before this last few games how many people would of said to keep Noble and is he the long term solution to the right sided position? Not many because he has fitness problems and we cant keep playing a central midfielder out wide. Which leaves a space free particulary as some think Skuse will go even thou I feel he is a good squad player to have a possibly the direct understudy to Elliott.

* Left Back - I'm actually a big fan of McAllister as I think he is a good footballer and can put a good ball in the box. But he has had some bad games and sometimes can be found out against quicker players, plus Fontaine cant be used as a left back so we need to get some competition here as well.

With Gary Johnson and his team there I still feel very confident we can do more next year and push on. I have great belief in Pete Johnson to pick out some gems for us and we wont rely like other teams on buying 'Journeymen' or loanees who really wont help with the team ethic Johnson has built. He likes players who want to improve themselves and play at the highest possible level and with 90% of this squad he has this. Many people have said Lita and he could be the play to fire us up but I just cant see Johnson shelling out approx £2m for a player who was quite well known to cause problems within the squad.

Looking at the teams in the Champonship next year however it will be a greater task than this year and we have more 'Hostile' games to deal with such as Cardiff, Swansea and Forest not to mention teams that most will agree will be challenging this year such as Sheff Utd after a strong finish and QPR with the money to build on a good team.

It will be hard.... but as the song goes 'Were Bristol City, we always believe'

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