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It's been a fantastic season and I'm proud of what GJ and the team have achieved. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I'm delighted with how well we've progressed. Congratulations, thanks and well done to everyone at the club.

There's no point harping on about yesterday, we gave 100% and couldn't get a goal. Never mind. We have a season of Championship football to look forward to and no matter how much we wanted to go up truth be told fighting for promotion in this league will be more exciting than battling relegation in the Premier League.

Another nice point is that yesterday's Wembley trip, the bigger attendances towards the end of the season, and the record number of season tickets sold for next year may well mean that we don't make the big loss SteveL was predicting and as a result have resources to strengthen further over the summer.

This team has improved every season with GJ in charge and though the division might be a little tougher next year I'm sure we will be an even better side. Thanks City.

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I have started looking forward to next season already. I will be able to go to more games than I would have if we had gone up and I know I can enjoy away games with die hard City fans.

I just hope we can keep hold of our best players and add quality where its needed. You are right Nibor we should be even better next season and I have every faith that we could achieve a top 2 finish.

Two things worrying me at the moment though are firstly expectation levels next season will be alot higher which is why we have faulted in the past IMO. And I heard a rumour which I find hard to believe but apparently Carle has a clause in his contract which allows him to leave if we didnt go up. :noexpression:

Hope its not true.

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I'm in agreement, I couldnt be more proud of our football club. We have had a season that has surpassed the majority of fans expectations. I like everyone else we can keep the core of the squad intact and have a few additions and build on the fantastic season we have had.

Lets try and forget what has happened(as hard as that will be) and build for next season.

2 years ago, myself and maybe another 500 City fans along with the squad watched Southend win the title albeit league 1. The season that followed the players wanted to win that league trophy and very nearly did. Fingers crossed for next season.

Have a great Summer whatever you may do.

Onwards and upwards.

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Looking back through this forum and it's surprising how expectations have changed.

Two years ago many posters on this forum stated that due to high admission prices, daft k o times and petulant players they'd be happy with City becoming a strong Championship rather than a middling Prier League team.

One year ago many people were stating 21st position would be a success. Oddly though people were also saying "City must get a good start because they have a difficult end of season set of fixtures" which proved true.

Now many people regard only getting to the Play Offs to be a failure.

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