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Doncaster For Championship


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not a simple bit of simpothy for leeds never liked them.

my ex is a leeds fan hates city just to get at me

we lost her family laughed..

u no what I'm getting righht on the phone now..

congratualitions to doncaster

leeds: went a long way for nothing they went a long way for nothing!

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Almost All Leeds fans left before Donny got their medals and cup. slight difference than us yesterday. a good number of ours stayed on to applaud Gary and the boys, after Dull got theirs.

another arrogant bunch of fans gettin a taste of reality in League 1.

Well done Donny.

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Commentator saying "They'll be playing the likes of Palace, Coventry, Wolves, Reading...."

Err ,who just lost in yesterdays final?

It's started again!

errrr we only played them last season, so its playing us again. :noexpression: not for the first time.first time in years

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Great news. I'm now hoping to combine a Doncaster versus BCFC game with horse racing at the Doncaster St. Leger. The St. Leger is the original "Classic", first run at Doncaster in 1776. It is quite daunting when at the course to see the board listing winners going back to the year of the American Revolution. Initially the race took place over two miles at Cantley Common, but in 1779 it moved to its present day home of Town Moor. The race is named after an Irish gentleman soldier, and governor of St. Lucia, Lt. Col. Anthony St. Leger. Reputedly the correct pronunciation is something like "Salinger" but "Saint Ledger" is more often used these days. :icecream:

Source: http://www.classics-betting.com/stleger_history.php

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