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2008/09 Shirt

94th Minute

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I hadn't seen the away shirt before, it was only the article on the main site now that I noticed it, but I think thats its really quite nice, I'm even thinking of getting that one instead of the home one

I alwasy got the home one before, because despite making a number of away games, the home ones we're almost never missed, it made sense to buy the home shirt; but the season coming I don't think I'm going to be able to make any of the games, so it doesn't really matter too much on which shirt it is:

So I guess which shirts are other people getting, and why? Are you getting the home shirt, just because you always do?? Or are you getting the away one for the same reason? Changing this season, or even buying both, just because your so damn rich that you can!

I've just realised this is really quite dull, you don't need to point it out to me...but I'm stil interested, so I think I'll keep it

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Will be getting the home shirt because it's red and that's the colour of Bristol City in my eyes. I think you should do the same, especially being abroad... we don't want the Americans thinking we play in white!!

Also, a bit of code for you... I'm not back in time on Friday

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Technical point; please could we have City's shirts made out of loose sewn strips of fabric please?

Then if an oppo tugs a City player's shirt, he'll be left holding a piece of material whilst our man continues his goal bound run.

Also, we'd then be granted more free kicks since the oppo couldn't deny what he'd done!

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