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Citys Cup Success?


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I'm actually not very happy about the away trip to Bradford, To be honest we have hardly set the world alight against the lower league clubs in recent seasons! I know we had the 7-0 win but who can forget the kingstonian game at home or the Leyton Orient game and we where in a better vein of form going into thoese games.

Very worried about that 1st round draw..........please don't let it happen City !! :sad56:

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After two momentous achievements this season (getting to the third round of a cup we normally underachieve at, and being Wooden-Spoon Champions in the LDV... alright, bad example), who's to say what the City can do?

I'm a "take any success you can" fan as opposed to "sacrifice the cup in favour of the league" type. You guys remember the Spring? the only thing we had to pull us through the quagmire of losses/draws was our LDV performance. Now that THAT's impossible to replicate this season, we still have two cups (for the next 27 hours anyway) to make some sort of mark in. Conserving Ourselves For The Long Run is good, but save just enough effort to make little stabs of glory here and there.

"HOW?" you ask. Suggestions lie all over the place:

* Either train the wingers to run faster, or stick faster players on the wing and give 'the Wilkshire's breathing/creative space in midfield. In fact, train the whole squad to be a little bit pacier when it's needed.

* They should never be afraid to stick their head above the trench-edge just to see what's out there- take small risks when they feel it's worth it.

* Keep a better eye on their opponents- a little forewarning would be useful (even at a subliminal level: do City scouts snoop up other clubs' websites? just a thought)

* "Never underestimate the other guy's greed!"- Robert Loggia, Scarface

* The fastest guys should either a) spend a short time on the pitch, or B) come on as subs. That way the players that can last 90min shouldn't have to worry about using energy up for short runs.

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