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Who Will Be City's


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Maynard can score goals for fun but heavily relies on service where as Brooks can dig chances and shots out for himself more and is deadly with his back to goal on or around the edge of the box.

I don't think Dele or Lee will be in the mix as Lee wont get enourg games and Dele is there for a lot more than scoring goals, his job is to help create them as well as score a few.

There could also be another forward yet as GJ was saying last week that he was still looking for one, though i don't think anyone new will come in now until January at the earliest.

So i will go with Brooker, though i don't think Maynard will not be far behind.

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Depends on who stays fit but I've no doubt at all that if Maynard plays regularly then he'll be top of the scoring charts. He's a natural goalscorer and as long as he gets the service he'll bag the goals. He was unlucky yesterday when he effort was headed off the line.

Brooker will be second if he can stay fit.

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I don`t know. If Brooker can stay fit though and Maynards luck improves i reckon we can look forward to a lot more goal celebrations than last season.

BTW shouldn`t Gary be looking for potential signings instead of leaving it to his son !!!! :cool2:



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maynard will finish top for me but only because i can't see brooker starting too many games.

if brooker does get the nod though. i'm sure he'll give him a run for his money!

Brooker starting?

I'd rather prefer Dele to bash their defenders about for 70 mintues, then get Brooks on to get a goal.

Steve B = Super Sub.

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I've got money on Maynard, sadly (for me), from the looks of things it's going to be Brooker. But having 3 strikers who have already scored is a lovely posistion to be in.

Frankly, I don't care who is top scorer, as long as combined they can all add more goals than last season, i'll be happy

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Think brooks will get 15 - 20

Maynard will struggle to get 10.

Trundle will be gone in Jan by this rate.

Wouldn't be surprised to see Carey get into double figures.

I highly doubt that about Trunds mate. Its all happy clappy now but when the winter comes, the injuries and suspensions add up we will need Trundle in the squad and thats when he will get his chance. Its up to him to take it.

Before the season I said to a mate Brooker will have a good season, maybe hitting 15+. Long way to go yet but if he carries on like this he will. Brooker top scorer this season I reacon.

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