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Wilkshire COULD Miss January Games


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Maybe without "Saint Luke" we'll see balanced midfield at last.

Wilson has tried every which way to accomodate Wilkshire - so far with unconvincing results.His absence also opens the door for Hulbert and Clist who may get an opportunity.But my guess is a return to Docherty/Burnell. :clap:

Be interesting if City win all thier games in January without Wilkshire.....Wilson would have a serious dilema on his hands when Wilkshire gets back.

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Guest thetruecitytillidiefan

We are not going to miss him anyway. Lets face it we wouldn't miss any of our midfield at the monent. :how funny: :how funny: :how funny:

bring back Simon Clist and robin Hulbert!!!!!!!!!! :clap:

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