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Only a 12m rolling-deal & not attending the final 2 games of the season.

No problem. Even more incentive for him to perform.

He's always got to give 12 months notice. SteveL will only have to pay a year's wages if he underperforms and is sacked.

Seems fine to me. better than a 5 year deal a la GJ.

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I couldn't believe the lack of questions from the media. What was the point of them all being their. They might as well have stayed in their offices and watched it on Sky.

No questions to Millen, about his feelings and thoughts.

My God these Journo's are useless :disapointed2se:

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Not attending the last two games. Where is his commitment? Sack Coppell.

Interesting that Coppell mentioned that the press conference was brought forward because the speculation became too much, and that if he'd had his way then the last two games would have passed without us even knowing he was the new man.

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