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More City V Rovers Rivalry


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On another forum used by fans of all clubs and sports I posted;

For the last 10 consec seasons, City have now been the higher placed club in Bristol. Surely this is no record though? In other locations with two teams doesn't the team that wears red normally finish higher?

Liverpool, Manchester, Nottingham, the Potteries and Sheffield; I rest my case.

If claret is considered as a shade of red, then you can add Birmingham to that list.

A gashead replied;

In the case of Bristol C**y, three generations of intensive interbreeding can't be wrong.....

So I informed the other users;

To all you supporters of other clubs, I'd like to point out that most City fans have many adjectives to describe your average gashead. Bitter & twisted are just two of them and ###### has proved the point about being bitter. Unfortunately for him & his ilk, Rovers have finished above City on just 11 occasions in the last FIFTY seasons and their fans really resent that.

He won't let it rest though;

Get a grip will you. C**y are an intolerable little football club that thinks it's bigger than it really is. This manifests itself in all sorts of sleeping giant type thoughts. Nobody outside of Bristol cares about either, or.

Still, there's always next year..........

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I think that is a CRACKING name for them, I vote we use it!

Trouble is ,give it a year and THEY'LL be using it!


They are, and always will be, a second-string football club, anxious for some kind of recognition in their own city, talking, as they do, more about us than their own team..... ENVY!

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They hate our ambition - always have. We just want to put Bristol on the English footballing map. They just want to be noticed in Bristol.

Sad little club, eaten up by bitterness.

That is so truecity.gif

Bitter bunch of blue bastards, cant get recognition even in the city they play inyes.gif

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