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If We Wanna See Swindon In Our Division, Just Hope Rovers Don't Get Beat

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I don't want to see Swindon in our division. Quite apart from the fact that I don't like the roundabout-dwelling inbreds, Danny Wilson took years failing to get us out of that division and it would really get on my tits to see him do it for that shower.

Having said that I certainly don't want Leeds up either.

It's tricky. In an ideal world I would like Charlton up rather than Swindle or Millwall, but that would require a Gas win.


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Cant see anything but a leeds win, if Kufour doesn't play the sag strikeforce has something like 6 goal between them, also bear in mind the only teams to have conceded more goals occupy the bottom four places ( sign of things to come hopefully), the sags have conceded 5 goals on 3 occassions, an early goal for Leeds and I can see number 4 coming.

Personally would prefer Charlton to come up instead of Swindon.

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