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World Cup 2010 Prediction Game


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It's nearly here. In just three weeks time you, me and every other right-minded human will be glued to our TV sets, watching 11 men from South Africa play 11 from Mexico. The start of four weeks of heaven for every football fan.

To get you in the mood, and to add a little spice to every match, we've created an original World Cup prediction game. At just £2 to enter a team we've made it affordable for every City fan. 50% of all the money the Supporters Trust receives from the game will go to the John Atyeo statue appeal, 35% will go back to the winning team and 15% to the runner up.

We'll produce a league table after the opening match and at the end of the first round giving you a chance to ridicule your friends and we aim to ratchet up the tension for those still competing as the competition reaches its climax.

It's an original game because not only do you have to guess the outcome of 22 World Cup events, but also the points your team are awarded if you guess right are based on the probability of that outcome coming true. So, for example, if you predict Brazil to win the World Cup and you're right you will get less points for that guess than if you correctly guessed it to be England (Come on England!).

So what's your strategy? Do you back all the favourites or will it be better to back all the long shots in the hope that one or two come in? Do you use your judgement to pick and choose or do you just pick at random? If you're a Stato you might have a great chance, but probably no greater than someone who simply picks all the places they'd like to visit. This is the Grand National of prediction games.

So it's fun, it's a competition amongst your friends, it's raising money for a statue to John Atyeo, you might win a few quid and it's just £2 to enter (or enter three teams for a fiver).

As the game involves cash prizes as a reward to the two highest scoring entries the game is only available to people aged 18 and over. The game is in association with Winning Post, Bristol's independent bookmaker.

Click here to play and please encourage your friends to enter a team too.


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Is there anyway I can view the entry I made? As i didnt take note and have completely forgotten my entry predictions ha?!

It should be in your email inbox. If you've not received an email from me, please drop me a quick email at miles@bristolcityst.org.uk and I'll forward it to you when I get home tonight.

Thanks, Miles

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Thanks to everyone who has entered so far. I'll put up the first league table on Saturday after we've analysed the first four predictions on tomorrow's opener of South Africa v Mexico.

For those who have not yet entered, the closing date is the kick-off of the first match. Please click the link in my signature below for more details and to enter. Thanks.

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