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New Shirt

Nuno Gomes

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As Andy would say ..................... "I Dont like it".............

Wots with those stupid stripes..............no overtaking?

I used to have a tracksuit that had stripes like that when I was a kid.....1973 I think it was

Hope it aint like that

Your going to hate the 1970's retro USA kit for the world cup then http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/05/27/us-world-cup-soccer-team_n_592370.html maybe you should get some gaffer tape and cover the part of the screen the US players are on for our opening match :dancing2:

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Wouldn't be suprised if it does turn out to be very similar as all the new adidas shirts (world cup jerseys, new chelsea shirt etc) are very similar in overall design, shape etc.

Must say would be happy with a kit with that design!

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What time will the kit be unveiled online tomorrow? I'm pretty sure Coppell is meeting fans isn't he and it will be revealed there? What time is that likely to be?.....

Luke x

It's plastered all over bcfc.co.uk mate.smile.gif 9am unveiling, 12:30 official opening by marina dolman and steve coppell

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