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Last Chance For Millen


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Rightly or wrongly Lansdown won't sack him until/if we get relegated.

I have read some posters claiming that his hands have been tied and we have a poor squad, we may have a poor squad but I belive we are not getting the best out of the squad and that is the responability of the Manager. Milien have had this transfere window a a couple of weeks in the summer to get the right players in and clearly he has not. He have not improved the midfield, and area with have really struggled with for the last 2 to 3 years and he should of known that, what game has he been watching during that time.

People on here say that he is building but I don't see any of that, there seem to be no big plan with him ,no great project under way which everyone at the club is buying in to. We seem like we are drifting with no master plan. I would give him time if I could if I belive in him .How much time did Holloway have at Blackpool for example. Milen knew the club from top to bottom he should have knew what was requird and worked towards it.

His tactics, team selections and substitution are inept but what is most worrying is inability to manage, lead and inspire not just the players but also the fans.

Gary Johnson made some mistakes the same mistakes Milen is making BUT he did lead the club he did create a atmosphere at the club and we did fans did buy into that.

Gary Johnson connected with the fans, the atmosphere at the gate when everyone was bouncing around the ground and singing we always belive part of that was created by Gary personality, sadly Milen does not have that sort of personality to lead and that with a lack of skill in the transfere market inept tactics and team selection and Lansdown poor judgement when he comes to Managers is a toxic combination.

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We are somewhat fortunate that there are some bad teams in this division, Preston are down and Scunny will join them having sold woolford and forte. One place up for grabs Us Palace Sheff Utd or Portsmouth.

If we cant beat Preston who are we going to beat?? Some difficult games coming up so need those 3 points on Saturday.

I doubt Millen will go if we lose but if we dont win for another month then maybe

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not sure if that will happen. but even if he keeps us up i dont think he is the right one to take us forward.

I just feel that if he keeps us up, even by the skin of our teeth, he will be considered by most as a hero, and given time to build his own team next season. I obviously don't want us to go down, but would like to see a change of manager in the summer regardless of which division we are in.

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