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Good Grief - Worst Replacement Signing Ever?

Martyn Hocking

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I can see why they are doing it - his wages will be peanuts for a prem team and I suspect they will still be looking for a better forward on loan.

Pretty certain that Prem clubs can't loan in (only out) outside of the summer and winter windows? So they were left with out of contract players only - not a good list to be picking from!

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The signing makes perfect sence to me to be honest,

A. The carrol deal didn't go through until 23:45 so Newcastle had no time to sign a replacement,

B. Prem clubs can't sign loan or perm signings outside the transfer window but can sign free agents

C. of all the strikers (good and bad) out the Kuqi is one of the few who is actually match fit

D. ?????????

E. Profit

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