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More Wilson Rubbish


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Sorry, but comments like "At the moment we are just looking at getting 16 fit players available." really irritate me.

What the hell is our squad for? Or have you forgotten most of them Danny?

So what Carey, Burnell, Doherty, Brown and Bell are out? It's a squad game. Maybe players like Simon Clist, Robin Hulbert and Kevin Amankwaah get the chance they deserve.

Yeah, or maybe not.

Some things never change.

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To be honest mate I think what comes out of that blokes mouth is one long line of SWEARING, it just comes out in different forms.

Usually its the "I think we played well and didn't deserved to lose" form of SWEARING, with the occasional mix of "I thought the defense was outstanding."

Today we have a new form, as you have mentioned.

I think its called "verbal diarrhoea"

:PC_Plod: Edited for Swearing :PC_Plod:

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