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City 4 - Cardiff 2

Brizzle Jordan

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Just to see we had 9 points from 6 games, since then we've only took 6 points from 14 games.


C,mon mate, like i said tis only a game, i have supported this club thru thick and thin, like life nothing lasts forever, it would be great to watch a successful team who were consistant, digging out results week in and week out, but sadly through either blood linage or bad choices we are stuck with BCFC, i feel sorry for my son who has carried the mantle after his father saw through the smoke, he sent me a text on sat......and i quote " oh dear home we go " 5 mins before half time, at the time i thought we were loosing 2-0, how wrong i was, i know some will say " why werent you at the game, sadly my only reply can be, " been there, seen it, done it "...suck on them eggs
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