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Christmas Poll ...bring Back The Robin!

the frampton balti

get the robins back on track  

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Classic bristol rugby and rovers badge?

Lets have a proper football badge!

It hasn't been a Rovers badge for over 25 years: http://thebeautifulhistory.wordpress.com/clubs/bristol-rovers/.

My logic is that Bristol rugby has the coat of arms because they're the Bristol rugby team. We should have it because we're the only team in Bristol.

Having looked into it, I didn't realise how long we had the robin (http://thebeautifulhistory.wordpress.com/clubs/bristol-city/). I suppose I wouldn't take offence if it was the classic robin and suspension bridge, and was well-drawn. But some of the robin versions are really tacky.

I'm not sure why the city's coat of arms is not a "proper football badge".

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As I see it voting for on the badge also means on the shirt as the badge is on the shirt. Shouldn't these be votes be merged?

Probably easier if straight yes/no vote.

Definitely for the robin/gate badge as much more distinctive and iconic. Bristol coat of arms could apply to any Bristol team and is plain boring. Even the Rovers badge is more interesting than our current badge!

The badges of teams like Wolves and Forest are far more memorable and identifiable than badges with coats of arms and that's what I felt we had with the robin badge.

Would need club/Trust to be involved for this to get anywhere though.

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I would like to keep the Bristol Coat of arms (as do most supporters) I would not however burst into tears if one of the unicorns somehow morphed into a Robin supporting our City's badge.

Not sure we know what most supporters think on this. Opinions on here are only a small snapshot.

Would probably need a matchday vote to gauge opinion.

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