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Football Club Does Not Its Fans Any More

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If we take the 9,500 season ticket holders at 400 pounds per person (maximum)

Thats less than 4 million quid during the summer months

If we get an extra 3,000 fans on the day thats approx another 75,000 pounds at 25 quid a time

Sky turn up on the day for a live televised home game and the club gets 60,000 pounds

With advertising money from the TV companies and other products and with the

wage bill as high as its is now,

the club could play without any fans in the ground at all.

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A few years ago, I asked the club what the break even attendabce figure is. The reply stated that full capacity for every game would not cover wages & operating costs. All outside revenue is needed for that.

It may be that turn on the floodlights and they're powered by burning £5 notes.

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