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Luton & Rushden


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On "Look East" tonight. A new consortium has tried buying Luton Town. It's believed this consortium is only interested in the Kenilworth Road site, not football. To confirm fans worst fears, the consortium refuse to name themselves.

Meanwhile at Rushden, Max Griggs has had enough and wants to walk away. Rushden are now losing money heavily each week, so it is doubtful they will find a replacement.

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Luton are £11m in debt and losing money week in week out, like the rest of us.

It's footballs own fault and down to the stupidity & arrogance of club chairman and their equally profligate Bank Managers.

How can a club like Luton run up those kinds of debts?

The council already owns the Ground!

I'm sorry to say it but Football needs a bl0ody loud wake up call and 10/12 clubs going bust might just help do it........just hope it isn't us!!

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