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Crowd Trouble


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Had to have a tetanus jab because of it.

You or the dog Portland?


It wasn't me. It was the other fella!

I spent some time that day being smashed up against a wall in Swindon's police room!

Lovely OB we had in those days.

Mind you,throwing seats into the town end from the side stand wasn't a very clever thing to do when I look back!

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Got off at TM and wtg for Bus home and a minibus of Cardiff pull up and me and a waiting gas head got chased for bloody ages. Was only 18 and easily led and said to Parents when asked about trouble I told them I didn't see any. Watched soccer Sunday with piggy Malone on and dad watching and they pan to crowd trouble and there I am sat on segregation fence with white jumper on as concrete being broken up and thrown with coins. Bad 48 hours as everyone ringing to saying just seen you on TV.

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