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The Official Burnley v Bristol City Match Day Thread

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So, it is Burnley again then... but...

I'll tell you now and I'll tell you firmly

I don't never want to go to Burnley

What they do there don't concern me

Why would anybody make the journey.

John Cooper Clarke does not support City though so a journey has to be made by the faithful to try, probably against poor odds, to help our lads on the pitch get a result we can be proud of. You may read a little of Burnley, the place, in the earlier thread which had little about the club so i am gonna attempt to put that right here below..

Burnley were founded in 1882 from Burnley Rovers, a Rugby Club, and entered the Football League, as founder members, in 1888. They finished 9th in their first season and had an average attendance of 4,200. Burnley have won the top tier title on two occasions in 1921 and 1960 but their highest average attendance was 33,600 in the 1948 season. Indeed their halycon days ran from 1948 through 1971; residing uninterrupted in the top flight with average attendances of around 23,000. That fell away dramatically from 1971, inspite of a brief return to the top flight in the mid seventies, when they fell to the 4th Division and remained in the lower divisions until 2010; a similar sojourn to that being experienced by City. Burnley almost slipped into the Conference in 1987; having to win their last match to remain in the Football League. They did so beating Orient and sending Lincoln down.

Burnley have won the FA Cup once, in 1914, just before WW1 broke out with a 1-0 win over Liverpool, at the old Crystal Palace, and have been runners up on two further occasions in 1947 and 1962. Burnley's first top flight title win in 1921 was the first time a club had gone the entire season as 'the original invincibles'; 30 league matches unbeaten in a smaller top flight and this stood until 2003-4 season when Arsenal too remained unbeaten all season for a remarkable 38 matches.

Steve Cotterill of course managed Burnley and presided over lower mid table finishes for over 3 seasons. Owen Coyle we will recall took them back into the promised land perhaps finishing what Steve had started; some might argue! Harry Potts is probably considered Burnley's most successful manager overseeing a league title and a number of consistently close near misses in all competitions over two spells with the club. However, many might argue current incumbent Sean Dyche who spent a few fairly un-noteworthy seasons with City has done a very good job. He remains on course for them to be in the mix come the end of the season. 

However many City fans make the long round trip journey today we all salute you. Remember that your voice can really make the difference. In my many away days I fail to remember one single outing where the City faithful were quiet, quite the opposite in fact.

White Big Tone seems to have gone off the radar we already know that Burnley is not exactly Barcelona or Barbados nor even Bristol, John Cooper Clarke reminds us of that. All I will say is keep an eye out for and be careful of....


Burnley 3 City 2 .. i think that is the first time this season i am predicting a loss.. 2-0 down at half time, roar back to 2-2 and then a last gasp scramble in front of our goal and some sort of own goal possibly not tap in... sound familiar?

UTC nonetheless.


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As i said in the prediction thread, I can only see a 3 - 0 defeat today, making our already bad goal difference worse.  I would hope we can perhaps give them a game and get a draw, but I just can't see that happening.  I will be listening, as usual and keeping everything crossed for a good result, because God knows,  we certainly do need it.  So COYRs!

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3 hours ago, Snufflelufagus said:

Head say a big loss. Though am getting married today so heart is certainly hoping for two amazing things today.

Another good man down :D

Congratulations! Hope you have a good day mate, and don't get too pissed like I did. I looked like 'The Grinch' the next morning :)

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So, a Northern shithole with added religious nutters - nice!

On a kinder note, I remember Burnley FC being one of the top teams in the land. A 4-4 draw with Spurs is reckoned to be one of the great games of all time.


PS Oh, and Horace again says 3-1, but to Burnley :( If the hogs lose hope, what chance is there for the rest of us?

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I'd snap your arm off if you offered me a draw today.

Their record may be as bad as ours just now, but watching the highlights of their match against Hull, we very much a case of their strikers missing gilt-edged opportunities rather than being thrashed.

Equally; they nailed Charlton to the floor match before, when we failed to do similar, and beat us at home a few months back, so very much Burnely the favourites today.

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As it's the first of the reverse fixtures it's a good chance for us to show what we've learnt (if anything) since early in the season. We were comfortably the better side in the 2-1 defeat at home to Burnley early in the season and if we play like that again surely we can give ourselves a chance.

Last time out we got dicked by 2 corners and once again wasted a ton of good possession and chances to possibly even have won the game 3-2.

I fancy an upset today as long as the confidence in the team isn't too drained by that gutting finish only 2 days ago.

2-0 City. You reds.

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