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Bradley Ash


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1 minute ago, petehinton said:

The club has been monitoring him for the past 13 months and decided he isn't good enough. Which he isn't. 

A lot of clubs going to take a lot of gambles on a lot of young non league players because of what's happened with Jamie Vardy. 

Yep, Barnsley are in a battle to avoid relegation to the basement and LJ's desperate.

Barnsley haven't even had Ash on trial, but they have nothing to lose by adding a very cheap addition to the squad.

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Good luck to the lad, but not sure he's the type of transfer we real need right now.

He's not likely going to replace Kodjia, who is the player we need options to play alongside.

Plus; if we're giving youth a chance, would hope Burns or an academy lad would be thrown in.

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