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Poss new boss losing to Rovers!

Tinmans Love Child

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I have no idea why we would even consider him


West Bromwich Albion

He was caretaker manager for one game.



He didn't spend a full season @ Portsmouth, "Following Portsmouth's fall into administration, Appleton insisted that he would not walk away from the club, vowing to "fight on until the end".

Portsmouth were relegated from the Championship at the end of the 2011–12 season.


He went to Blackpool - After his resignation, he became the shortest-serving Blackpool manager in their history, with just eleven League games under his belt.

Blackburn Rovers

He was not at Blackburn for long however, On 19 March 2013, after poor results in the Championship, Appleton was relieved of his duties as manager of Blackburn Rovers, having only won 4 of his 15 games in charge. Appleton's tenure at Blackburn lasted 67 days, two days more than his tenure at Blackpool. At his time of departure, Blackburn were positioned at 18th in the table, four points clear of the relegation zone, thirteen points adrift of the play-off places with only nine games to go.

Oxford United

On 4 July 2014 Appleton became the new head coach of Oxford.



So a pretty lousy record. One match at a club as caretaker, left 2 clubs after less than 67 days and is currently managing Oxford Utd - 

If this is as ambitious as our club gets then we deserver failure, as that seems to be what they are preparing for.

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If we are going for Appleton, might as well appoint DC from our gas mates.


1. Will really pi** them off

2.Not too far to come into work

3. Will be good when we are back in League 1 then 2.


Why havent the board thought of this.


Moyes for me, lets start walking the walk and talking the talk

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A very well respected head coach at west brom, isn't that what he would come in as if appointed.

He wouldn't be my first choice but not as bad as some are predicting on here and I would think that most if not all of the supporting back room staff would be retained which would please most of us.......and I know o'driscoll was well respected too before his appointment .........................................................

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IF Appleton becomes the new boss so be it. To write him off so early in his career seems shortsighted. 

Id be concerned by his record if all 3 clubs (not including the WBA game) weren't utter basket cases. His tenure at Oxford seems to be more promising but hardly enough to justify a championship club employing him. 

My biggest fear would be that he would get no time at all from the fans, and like the Pulis era, a toxic atmosphere would envelope the club; in a relegation dog fight that would be suicide.

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