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I'm no speculation monger...

Mr Popodopolous

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I'm no speculation monger but a steward I kinda know down at AG told me he let someone in through different doors as their usual entry was closed off as there was an interview. This was before the game, shame they didn't ask which manager. This was in South Stand...course I could be well behind the curve by now but erm basically I hope it isn't Appleton...no point in sacking Cotts if it is.

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39 minutes ago, P'head Red said:

Are you sure it was an interview for a potential manager? If so that would be surprising seeing as SL isn't in Bristol this weekend

Are you sure ?

He was seen in the ground with Moyes and Moyes got angry when told the job was already taken.


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21 minutes ago, Robbored said:

I'd be very surprised if the board didn't already have another manager lined up before they sacked Cotterill.

Pure speculation but I reckon it'll be Holloway........:facepalm:

I'm convinced it won't be. Not sure who I expect but I'd be willing to put my house on it not being either Holloway or Warnock.

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1 minute ago, Shtanley said:

I thought that they had sacked him because they had someone lined up, but I think it's because they wanted Mark Ashton back. If he gets us some good signings then I'm not complaining too much. 

Who knows what goes on behind the scenes so this wouldn`t surprise me in the slightest. Ashton in to do the deals, Wade & JP to carry on coaching till the end of the season. You have to wonder perhaps how long Ashton has been `working` for BCFC just waiting for SC to be given the Spanish archer. If we get three new players this week I know your theory would seem a lot more plausible.

Consider this. If we were negotiating with players without SCs knowledge and those players had concerns about playing for him only to be told `don`t worry, he`ll be gone by the time you get here` and that convinced them to sign it would explain a lot.

Hell of a conspiracy theory I know but would anything surprise us about football these days any more?

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